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WPD investigating possible electrocution at Towne West

A 15-month-old was taken to the hospital in critical condition after she went unresponsive while she was holding on to a guard rail at a carnival at Towne West on Friday night.

Eyewitness News talked to the girl’s grandparents. They asked to stay unnamed, and not identify their granddaughter, for privacy.

“She went to touch it, and all of a sudden her head went back, and her eyes rolled back, and her mom said, ‘Is she ok?’ They went to get her from the fence, and she just went limp,” the girl’s grandparents said.

No one else was hurt at the time. Police have not confirmed whether she was actually shocked but are investigating a possible electrical issue.

The grandparents of the injured girl said they are concerned the fence has not been removed.

“We don’t want any other children to get hurt, and that baby right now is laying in that bed unresponsive when she was a perfectly healthy baby. She just wanted to have fun,” the grandparents said.

Evans United Shows is the company that runs the carnival at Towne West. It said there are ground rods to prevent shocking issues. The company also said the carnival is inspected weekly, and there are no dangers for people to worry about.


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