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Visit Rio – What To Know Before You Visit Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Visiting Rio de Janeiro and not sure what to expect? In this video we go through the basics of what tourists and travelers should know before they visit Rio.

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32 thoughts on “Visit Rio – What To Know Before You Visit Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  1. D3zMadre

    Im from ny, you know any bank that I can use over their from here?

  2. Matthias Joly

    What's the best way to do daytrips like Ilha Grande or Buzios if you don't want to drive? Is it safe to go by bus? Or boat? Are there trains?

  3. Vinicius GM

    he is really smart

  4. coisas do estados unidos arthur

    hi in speak portuguese

  5. coisas do estados unidos arthur

    oi eu falo português

  6. coisas do estados unidos arthur

    in from brazil

  7. G Goulart

    Party in Lapa District. This is mandatory. I mean it.
    It stays "open" all night, it has a lot of music, food and alcohol. Don't dress fancy or check your phone every 2 seconds because it is a dangerous district. However don't let that scare you. I've had the most fun in my life there. 😀

  8. Tejender Prasad

    You Should Visit India Huskie …. Thanks A Lot For your Videos @wolters World

  9. kalulew

    Been to Rio and stayed in Rio the last time almost a month. Here are a few things that a visitor must know of Rio that you didn't cover in this video.
    1-Driving is not something that you want to do in Rio specially if you aren't used to driving a manual car. 2-Drink a gallon of patience juice even for the most mundane and easiest things that we take for granted in the developed world in Brasil they figure a way to make it super difficult.3-The water just about anywhere is very safe to drink4-Ask the prices of anything before you agree to buy anything because if any business owner get wind of you being tourist, you'll be taken advantage of.5-Eating at places by the kilo or livre are the best places where you can find good food at relative good prices. 6-In Brasil the nastiest thing to eat really is every part of pig or cow no bug eating anywhere there. 7-The bay that Rio is at reeks horribly and is dotted with rusty ships that have capsized. It's the most horrendous thing ever. 8-Adapt quickly to the art of negotiating and do not just hand over cash if you want something …..going back to my early point if the business sees you as a tourist -you as a tourist can walk away from anything or price you don't like.9-Even if there is military police around don't ever think that you're safe (I was robbed within 100 meters of 15 pms) 10-Brasilians in general are very giving and will try everything to befriend you, so be welcoming with caution not to be taken advantage of.

  10. weitao hou

    wow wow wow 六神花露水 哈哈

  11. Indiagitana FF

    Nice! I'm from Brazil. you forgot to mantion another nice place to go to: "Parque Lage" (it's beautiful to go there on weekend mornings and it's on the same street at Jardim botanico).
    another good museum (the most visited there and one of the most visited in the world is: CCBB – it's downtown).
    "Abraços"! (XOXO from Brazil).

  12. Carlos Caco

    Next time visit Búzios – RJ.
    There are 25 beaches and good thinhs to do here in a weekend

  13. Sushil Mhaske


  14. James Johansson

    I bet a lot of people clicked on this because of the thumbnail.

  15. Magali Gilmore

    Thank you.

  16. Steven Charles

    All I know is the women wear tiny bikinis which tend to disappear up their ass.

  17. pedrao420

    have you ever visited sao paulo?

  18. Bernardo Passarelli

    Great videos! U should visit Buzios next time… Google it!

  19. Daniel Cruz

    Don't be a pussy just go to Rio and bring a 45 caliber

  20. Rubem Cesar Tavares junior

    Use the UBER! The Taxi drivers like to misguide turists in order to make their trips longer… Need to be carefull with that

  21. Scott

    Rio not go dangerous? Tell that to Ryan Lochte and the other Olympic athletes attacked, held at gunpoint, robbed, mugged and burglarized or the Olympic swimmers getting sick in the green water in the synchronized pool. Truly hope you aren't taking your kids anytime soon back to that violent, dangerous city of criminals. Big mistake having the Olympics in Rio. Wonder how many US athletes will be diagnosed with Zika Virus, Dengue Fever etc. etc.

  22. MrAlphonsomango

    We're talking about encountering people from the favelas. They have limited education, no job, no money, a drug habit, lots of kids, nothing to lose and can disappear in a second.
    You're a wide-eyed, well-off tourist carrying cash and gadgets and have access to a fat bank account.
    You don't need to ask Ryan Lochte for the answer.
    A Brazilian friend had his car stolen as he sat in it at some lights. If a guy walks up to you with a gun and tells you to get out, you're going to get out.

  23. Libertarianismo Cotidiano

    We hate the new plug,,,

  24. fabio david

    venha conhecer o interior de são paulo

  25. Jasmiro Pinto de Jesus Júnior

    Rio de Janeiro is the cultural capital from Brazil

  26. thunder

    I'm going next year can't wait

  27. In1998able

    Monkeys right on the beach?? wow
    monkeys here on the beach are teenagers

  28. Marta Viana Oliveira

    Copabana beach is the worse beach in Rio. The waves are to strong. When you just start going in the waters it will make you go down, You can end be swallowing sand and water together.

  29. Luana Goulart

    For me, a typical Brazilian girl, is very nice see how you and your family loves my country!!! I hope you guys enjoy and came back another time!!! Xoxo!!!
    Ps: this little guys are amazing, they really enjoying the beach!!! That's nice!!!

  30. edchaves

    Fez mais pelo Rio em 5 minutos do que o próprio prefeito em 5 anos! He did more for Rio in 5 minutes than the mayor in 5 years! THANKS. OBRIGADO.

  31. youreale

    oh, and by the way, if you come to the Olympics, there are 80.000 troops to protect your asses from terrorists. Just kidding and Gooood stay!

  32. Eugen Karanxha

    im gone dress like a monk if i ever go to rio or a homeless person so i dont get robed

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