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Visit Rio – 5 Loves & Hates of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Best & Worst of Visiting Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is an amazing place for travelers, tourists and vacationers. There is Christ the …

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50 thoughts on “Visit Rio – 5 Loves & Hates of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  1. Music Is My Melody

    Hey have you ever been to Parque Lage (I think that's how you spell it) it's amazing. Great place to walk and for kids. I'm raised in England but my heart is in Brazil.

  2. Miss Turis

    This video is what i need. Im planing to go to Brazil next month and till now i don't find any people (even Brazilian itself) say positive things about this country, which kinda makes me a bit insecure about what might be happen then.
    Thank you so much for the video.

  3. StudentYaoi

    You have to, you must visit Florianópolis , Santa Catarina. It is so beautifull!

  4. Fernando Clewater

    I'm brazilian and I agree with u, thanks to share to world that Brazil isin't just bad things, but here's also good things ! You're awesome, congratulations.

  5. Ruka Desu

    weather and seasons here are like " summer, summer, less summer, summer"
    and congrats, very good video <3

  6. Torry Smith

    so July is cold out there

  7. Luis Andion

    You should do São Paulo. 🙂

  8. Maria Amalia de Mello Petry

    U guys should stop thinking that here, in Brazil, we have some kind on eternal summer. Where I live (south), we have temperatures below 0 on the winter…

  9. Maria Amalia de Mello Petry

    The crime really is a problem here… that's why we have "jeitinho brasileiro"…. u have to learn how to live here, otherwise, its hell on earth.

  10. Número Dezesseis

    Just a note,the beer is Skol not Skull.

  11. truefossils

    I lived I rio. Barra Tijjuca and laranjeiras. I agree there are nice things. However. Unfortunately only the criminals have guns and citizens have little defense against criminals. The people are friendly yes, but so many unfortunate realities are there. That's why millions of Brazilians desperately move to Florida, mass and New York to escape.

  12. Geraldo Inácio Oliveira da Silva

    Só falam mal do Brasil, se não gostam, não venham aqui.

  13. Nerdialismo404

    Go to São Thomé das Letras – MG, it's awesome dude.

  14. PinguinCrazy

    BIG TIP from a brazillian, know the prices, all products have pretty much fixed costs outside fancy restaurants and events, and its important you know them so you don't pay 8 reais for a bottle of water. I know from personal experience because I look like a gringo and when I was in Rio store clerks tried to rip me off at least 4 times in just a week!

  15. Pauline Moysés

    You have a way of talking about the bad stuff that makes it not so bad!

  16. Schenkel Bart Christophe

    I think i saw you once in Leuven Belgium on the old market. I live there 🙂

  17. Marcos Dantas

    Yes, the winters are relatively warm in Rio, but then cold waves, coming from the South Pole, hit the city more often causing overcast skies and a depresing drizzle for an entire week. Visiting Rio in winter is something of a gamble.
    During the summer, cold waves reach the city too (although less frequently) causing heavy rainstorms for about three days.


    Thx for visiting US

  19. Aria Singh

    totally agree with this vid ! Just came back from rio ( and recife and sao paulo ) . I completely fell in love …. will Def go back !

  20. Annz UHE

    I'm so excited bout your videos…wish i can be in Rio. Tired of Hawaii life.

  21. Celso Taddei

    Muito legal, amigo! Tanto os "hates" como os "loves" são honestos e reais. Quem dera a imprensa americana fosse verdadeira como você!!! Virei fã. (sorry, writing in portuguese to check if you learned something.. ;)!!! Um abraço

  22. Izete Neris-Seppala

    Very nice point of view! I agree, the midia makes only bad comments about violence, but you guys, you are a beautiful family in Rio de Janeiro, what is dangerous for tourists that goes to look for "adventure" "lots of fun" , some tourists get crazy and they are easy to be hunted. Every places no matter what time, no matter who with, always someone is watching, cerveja and caipirinha and a lot of biquinis make some people to lose their sense of direction and to put them selfs in a uncomfortable position! I just love Rio!

  23. João Lyra Araujo

    Why you don't use UBER?

  24. Marcos Deyvid Frutuoso De Oliveira


  25. Evelyn Cidrine Chiesse

    Hello! Let me give you a sugestion: have you ever been to Paraty? Or Itatiaia? This places are next to Rio and amazing! In Itatiaia there is a national park, huge, full of nature! And Paraty looks too much alike Óbidos, on Portugal. Anyway, enjoy your stay!

  26. Fernando Cezar

    just loving your videos! 🙂
    you didn´t talk about feijoada and coxinha !! haha

  27. deatstar11

    Just got back from a month in Brazil.#loved it.#missing the hell out of it already.#not one issue with crime.#will go back.

  28. Celio Ferreira

    With all due respect… Your wife… is hot .
    congrats for both of you

    edit: but lemme know if you guys are ever going thru a phase or something >:)

  29. Nick Craven

    I'm studying Portuguese and I can't wait to go. How long have you been speaking Portuguese for and have you been to Portugal?

  30. LoboArt

    I'm from Rio and I really liked the way you have presented the reality of the city! You just got a new subscription

  31. Fernanda Rodrigues

    Escrevi em inglês no vídeo anterior, mas agora vou em português.
    1 – Trânsito – Sabe por que é assim? Porque um alguém foi inteligente (ironia), há umas décadas atrás, e acabou com o trem, que havia no resto do estado. A cidade cresceu, o estado cresceu, e pouco se investiu em trem e metrô. Como aqui é Brasil, se dá muito dinheiro para empresas de ônibus. Ninguém vai deixar de agradar aquele que investe em sua campanha, não é? Em vez de criar mais metrôs/trens, criaram BRT – Mais ônibus, para uma cidade que já está engarrafada! Tremenda burrice!

    Mosquitos… É porque você não foi na região serrana, né? Lá o mosquito é pior!

  32. craigdoc29

    If only this creation would come to believe in and worship Jesus Christ in spirit and in truth, rather than admiring a damn statue of Him.

  33. Pietro Benacci

    we are in the winter in Brazil… and you say that here is hot, try to come here in the summer lol

  34. Henrique Garcia

    loved that passionate way you've talked

  35. Libertarianismo Cotidiano

    Rio is the worst place to go in Brazil

  36. Raniela Carvalho

    2:29 I'm glad your kids tried the classic brigadeiro!

  37. Simione Valoa

    Does he know that Rio is in the southern hemisphere so it's actually currently winter?

  38. Nakamura

    Try going to Rio on summer! It's really hot 😛

  39. Rodrigo Silveira

    Tip for a pleasant visit to the Christ: go as early as you can! I'm talking 7am when the ticket booths open. Buying the tickets online is best but more important is to be on the first groups that go up.

  40. Ester Azevedo

    You should use uber in Brazil, is so much better than Taxi.

  41. ray tru

    you are the first one i watch that tel it like it is i know brasil very good my wife is brasilian and its clear you see it more the tourist way i love brasil and whant to retire there about trafic if you never seen sao paulo trafic you havent seen nothing lol

  42. Sonia Ziad

    are you talking about the bugs in their summer? You mentioned their winter so I guess I'm just asking when are the bugs the worst? Brazilian summer?

  43. Ellaine Américo

    Você está absolutamente errado ao mostrar "winter bikini". Brasilieras, especialmente cariocas, NÃO USAM JAMAIS aquele tipo de biquini que aparece no vídeo. Com certeza, naquela imagem, não é uma brasileira usando aquela coisa horrorosa.

  44. R Paiva

    Hey, I do like your vídeos a lot 🙂 thanks for all the info you share

  45. edchaves

    You forgot to show the escalators or lifts to the Christ! Forget the 100 years old stairs.

  46. ayman ala

    visit serbia

  47. Marcelo Langame

    How great you enjoyed visiting Rio. You're always welcome. God bless your beautiful family.

  48. Siobhan M

    How navigable is Rio if one is in a wheelchair?

  49. Guilherme Santos

    Great stuff here! And all very accurate. Keep up the good work.

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