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Umpires head to carnival | Whyalla News

UMPS: Local umpires Kaden Noble and Ethan Lowry.

UMPS: Local umpires Kaden Noble and Ethan Lowry.

Local umpires Kaden Noble and Ethan Lowry are keen to take their skills to a new level.

The duo will be heading to Adelaide to umpire at a South Australian National Football League (SANFL) Carnival for Under 15’s and 17’s, which is an ideal opportunity for them to showcase their talent.

Only 30 umpires were chosen to participate in the event, making it a landmark selection for Kaden and Ethan.

The boys are hoping to become professional SANFL umpires and believe this carnival could be the next step towards that goal.

“I just enjoy being out there on Game Day, it’s all about the game,” Ethan said.

“I say that if you hear abuse from the crowd then you aren’t umpiring properly, you’re not paying attention to the game,” he said.

“The umpire has to be the fittest one on the ground, they have to be where the ball is the whole match, you have to keep up with the play and be able to deliver the right decisions.”

Both Kaden and Ethan are boundary umpires, and were rewarded for their talents by being named the second and first best overall boundary umpires in the Whyalla Football League.

The boys thanked their trainer Mark Littlewood for helping them become better umpires.

“I have enjoyed umpiring personally, it has been hard – it does have its ups and downs,” Kaden said.

Whyalla Umpires Association President Albin Prater said he was ‘very proud’ to see Kaden and Ethan selected for the carnival.


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