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Trinidad Carnival Hard Core

Trinidad and Tobago Carnival Hard Core Chris Rose Travel.

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27 thoughts on “Trinidad Carnival Hard Core

  1. YusufCan Doğan

    Trinidad a gitcem lan

  2. Ronaldo Davis

    I don't understand for this is any different than what they do in Brazil during their carnivals but this is seen as "slutty and disgusting" but Brazil is seen as fun, cultural and sexy.


    wow i want sex

  4. Tommie Reid

    I'll bet those guys pants smell like a bathroom on a tuna boat when they get home.

  5. Demetrius Roundtree


  6. Elizabeth Hunter

    black girls are not sluts because I am black and I am not a slut

  7. Nikhil Bendre

    And thane

  8. Nikhil Bendre

    Any female for sex mumbai

  9. Shahid Khan

    nice girl ass

  10. BashFish

    bunch of failure females. wrong band son

  11. MissTia777

    Carnivale is trash! Grinding on them nasty mexican greezy men!

  12. prashant joshyulla

    song name from 017-029

  13. Sagar Singh

    Very nice sex track

  14. MrGiannakis21

    girls for home and family ONLY…..hahaha

  15. yishai _black

    como se llama la cancion del 1:09 min

  16. Tirik Vaughan

    that looks fun

  17. rage Dilligence

    any one else notice that girl that hans liked in fast five. and 6

  18. alwaysbusiness4

    excellent fish

  19. King Markus

    fool at 1:18 cant handle de wine lol

  20. Armando cooking delights

    that's really disgusting!!!!!

  21. PimpThe478

    black women are sluts.

  22. Louis joseph

    That shit is crazy enjoy

  23. fatonesings

    A lot of itchy butts

  24. Caribbean2DiWorld

    Obviously whoever uploaded this video is an ass

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