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Travel Buddy Brazil Rio De janeiro Documentary

Brazil Rio De Janeiro the Culture, Food, (Brazil Steak House) Beaches(IPANEMA,) (Copacabana) Brazilian Beautiful Women, Sugar Loaf and Mountain …

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19 thoughts on “Travel Buddy Brazil Rio De janeiro Documentary

  1. Ellis X

    That lady was giving you some dirty looks while u were on that bongo..lolol

  2. Jamal Moore Travel Buddy

    follow me on Facebook @travelbuddyinc1 to see new adventures and upcoming trips. also

  3. ReemGS

    this is dope. my trip is planned August 17-26 for sao paulo and rio.

  4. mohamed j

    any salvador,bahia videos J?

  5. Fiskey R

    I'm going there this year: so glad I seen this.

  6. Antonio James

    no women???

  7. slickkapone

    This is what life is all about! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  8. Alex Rosén

    Nice documentary bro. I was there for about a month in december 2015. Celebrated new years eve there. Lived in Copacabana and went to all the places you showed in your documentary. Nice flashback 🙂 Thanks!

  9. T3STDAT

    You've got my sub mate (Y)

  10. brokeboy55

    Detroit boys in Brazil….That's wassup. I will be down there in May 2017 for the first time.

  11. Afro Samba Mama

    Great video! Rio is fantastic! Was there for Carnival February 2016.

  12. SMS

    Jamal this is so lit bro. Loving it

  13. Timothy Cobb

    Awesome Clip Brotha!!

  14. Daniel FERGUSON III

    Great job Jamal

  15. Travel Channel

    "Great video!!! I have shared your video on DiziVizi by tagging it to Srinagar, Rio, Brazil
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  16. Jamal Moore Travel Buddy

    good looking bro this is a series i have several other countries i put together.

  17. Mark Simmons

    Hey Brotha like your channel, I was hoping you hit the beach so we could see some of them ladies. Keep up the good work.

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