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Travel Brazil – The Heart Of Carnaval

In February of 2013, I jumped on a plane with our talented cameraman/director Brian Rapsey and headed off to Rio for Carnaval. We were there mentoring the …

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2 thoughts on “Travel Brazil – The Heart Of Carnaval

  1. Mister Schack

    I love your videograms from Rio, I really do, but your guide clearly doesn't know about how the samba schools prepare. Firstly they do not practice together in "a special place" from 12 months before – there is no special place for carnaval rehearsal. Secondly at least half of the people taking part in the "arlas" – marching groups – only show up on the day. True, the music and the samba song of the year are rehearsed by the singers and the drummers from as early as August. This takes place at the samba schools and everyone can visit. But since the themes, the costumes and the floats are guarded from the competitions with great care, they don't roll out and rehearse every week. Sorry to be "a bore" (Chato), but the Airbnb girl is really embarrassing herself and she should not give this information just because it sounds great.

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