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Top 5 Brazilian Dance Live presentations at Rio´s City of Samba. At this rare compilation, we see Brazil wide famous Samba Dancers presenting samba solo …

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  1. Antonino Farati

    ma è uomo?😂😂😂😂

  2. Massiel Narvaez

    waoooo bellas todas , paresen unas diosas !

  3. Fabricio acuña

    la 4 ganooooooo !!!! cuerpazoooo

  4. Loki Liesmith

    Their bodies are the epitome of graceful and toned. I'm envious :'D

  5. Brazil Things CHANNEL

    I invite you to know my channel about Brazilian culture!!!

  6. Tarinia Doomarenn

    Bonito/ bonita.

  7. Alirio Cortes

    La imágenes eran mucho mejor cuando se usaba las cámaras análogas. Desde que las imágenes se hacen desde cámaras digitales dejaron de lado a los profesionales y toman lo peor y suben a YOUTUBE las peores imágenes. Mala resolución, malo el enfoque, mala la composición, malo el color, malo la luz, todo malo……..excepto el evento. O sea que solo sirve verlo en vivo!

  8. TheLaLa

    passistas are goddesses!!!

  9. KarasCyborg

    out of the way feathers, and fire the cameraman.

  10. Adam Leezong


  11. Anderson riascod

    mil respetos para brasil tienen las mujeres mas hermosas de mundo

  12. Javiera Bravo Agusto

    wooow 👏👏

  13. Azuri Whitlock


  14. No Life Gaming

    dam those are strong legs

  15. peri gnampua

    nº4 foi a melhor

  16. Jasmin Kazlowski

    To przecież nie jest już człowiek, to hybryda, robot, szkoda gadać, kocham Was Ludzie, mam nadzieję, że nie wszyscy są już poszczepionkowi, polekowi, poreligijni, że są tam, jeszcze ludzie, a nie tylko Zombi, kto chciałby taką żonę, córkę lub matkę – kocham Was ludzie, kocham też tą Panią i mam nadzieję, że i ona odnajdzie szczęście.

  17. Joanna Angélica Scandurras

    Será que esses corpos são todos naturais ou todos ARTIFICIAIS?

  18. Luboman411

    Why is most of the audience near the catwalk so damn serious? Some people look like they're in a funeral wake, looking all stony-faced and devoid of life. (Though these may be the judges and betraying any emotion would make the judging look bad, I suppose.) Even some of the musicians in the orchestra look bored and drained. I mean, this is a very energetic, lively atmosphere with incredibly fun, sexy dancing. Smile a little! Scream a little! Jesus!

  19. jabin maheno

    What is the second round of every dancers music called if that makes sense ? Like the fast drums and stuff ? I know it's samba but I like that fast tempo stuff with all that drumming and stuff could listen to it all day.. tell me someone

  20. Kawynia Williams

    I am IN LOVE WITH HER! She she is the best dancer to me because of her confidence

  21. ED Martell

    OMG ! Number four is absolutely stunning. IMO she has the personality and talent to win it all !! Absolutely gorgeous, so alive, so happy, so delicious !

  22. Airbender


  23. John Mcluren

    It is difficult to describe all this beauty, it is so unique, and full of life. Congratulations to the participants and particularly to the dancing girls you are so fantastic. Long live Brazil

  24. Profits Eli and Gabriel

    I would like to apply to be a judge or commentator or something.

  25. Adriel Stokloss

    É louvável tentar, mas pra sambar de verdade só as pretas e mulatas é que sabem – aceita que dói menos! 😉

  26. Thalys De Oliveira

    O Brasil e um maximo!

  27. Gameplay



    The second one is beautiful, charming, has a gorgeous costume, and dances very beautifully. She was my favorite, but all five were beautiful and danced with grace and charm. I like the gracious kiss of #5 to the audience; a lovely and touching gesture. Their black blood is their glory. Gorgeous all.

  29. marlen perez

    que padre todos los brasileños bailan así mmmm yo soy una piedrita jejejeje me gustaría bailar como estas maravillosas mujeres

  30. Sandra Goldsmith

    El bochinche

  31. Divine Destiny

    WHAT!?!?!? IT'S A GUY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Aline Mayne

    #4 is WOW!!

  33. sorel edwin suarez

    what is the name of this kind of music?

  34. Angelica Espi

    04 wow! But her feathers needed colors 🙂

  35. Angelica Espi

    Yuk! The first one looks like a man wanting to be a woman!

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