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Too black for Brazil | Guardian Docs

Nayara Justino thought her dreams had come true when she was selected as the Globeleza carnival queen in 2013 after a public vote on one of Brazil’s biggest …

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44 thoughts on “Too black for Brazil | Guardian Docs

  1. Ryan Goodson

    That white guy is part of her self hate.

  2. ShizukaRose

    So fucking ironic because samba is clearly a dance rooted in BLACK west African tradition. Much like the US, Brazil loves black culture but hates black people.

  3. doc soais

    esses povos são cariocas

  4. Prescy Scy

    She is sooooo beautiful, and her bodyy!!!!

  5. Isoroku1983

    Her boyfriend is seriously punching above his weight with her.. she could do so much better 🙂

  6. cinnamonstar808

    7:18 lol it did not work [ from 1550 to 2017]: 123 million blacks ❧ 2 white offspring.

  7. Clara Calixto

    I can't believe how it ended. When she was chosen I thought "cool, a BEAUTIFUL WOMAN is the new globeleza". Her skin color didn't matter to me. Is so sad to see that skin color is more important than anything for some people. I pray to god for one day people see the good in others no matter what.

  8. Kevin Rice

    stop teaching others your shit. just like in the U.S.

  9. Daniel Sanchez

    dark black skin is ugly. Also kinky hair! Yuk!

  10. Marky Marco

    É… o Brazil virou mesmo um país de homossexuais.

  11. Chandi Seidi

    Globo lied but I'm happy they finished her contract. dancing like that showing your body is not good at all. Brasil is very racist as many other countries. racism is so disgusting

  12. Gus olive

    brasil is full of shyt they paint themselves as this open racial society and blacks are happy and live in harmony with the portuguese immigrants.
    All brasil is a racist slum ran by racists europeans

  13. Jobe Luna

    Thanks to the African Brazil has culture

  14. Kimani Taylor

    Very informative. It happens everywhere and still to this day, sad. I wish her the best of blessings though, such a sweet spirit!

  15. JourneytoTruth

    "As it was in the beginning it shall
    Be in the end", Africans are diverse and were the first beings to incarnate on the planet. In the beginning africans ethnic groups ruled this earth, there were North African empires, west African empires, East African, central and South African empires. However Africans have fell, due to imperialism, colonialism, invasions, race mixing due to self hate and forgot knowledge of self, and their spirituality. If all Africans unite and build the continent up it's a threat to this entire planet. And they will get their someday. 💯

  16. Rodrigo Von Kluge

    City of Rio is not so racist

    If you want to know racism in Brazil, travel to states Santa Catarina, Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul, São Paulo and Minas Gerais …

  17. Nicky Guy

    This is sad. I wouldn't want to be any other race. Black is beautiful.

  18. Supremacista Branco

    Haha. Don't even dream of equality you Black bastards! True White people (unlike this mulatto thinking his White in the video) will continue to rule over this shithole for as long as White folks exist! Fuck all of you non-white bastards!

  19. Emmia B

    It's funny how they are racist towards black people, but yet copy the way they dance…samba..white people will never change, so black people need to love themselves and become strong together

  20. Calvin Royal

    What the fuck, see.this is the shit that hate white ppl!!#

  21. shahid kalimur

    whites being racist? are we supposed to be surprised?

  22. Sam Haucward

    She is beautiful!

  23. BASS _MAN101

    Anyone knows the music that was playing at her party I like the beat

  24. DCampusano1

    That was such a beautiful ending. I hope they live happily ever after 🙂

  25. Breeny Lee

    this is sad.

  26. Michael Echeverria

    It's sad, Black people are poor everywhere.

  27. tiara zyahaan

    nice story

  28. Iris2nd

    What is the name of the painting?

  29. Chris News

    some of the brazilian populaton is racist but the grate majority of brazil are not , we live toghether , here is a mixed societ , in my job my boss is black an my coworkers are from all skin colors and we are like a family, the most beautiful girl there is black and all guys want to date her, Brazil is bigger than this racist fashion from the US

  30. I like to sit and eat

    The presenter looked so happy though :/

  31. Marlene Oliveira

    wow very different here in america. a negra e negra aqui nos eua mesmo mas o namorado tbm e negro aqui nos eua.muito interesante.

  32. Roy Bent

    It's much better seeing white women acting like sluts. Don't put Gods women in sin.

  33. Nivaldo Salvino

    beautiful,I love you

  34. Why do you want to know?

    No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's with a White man! I'm hurting!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

  35. Why do you want to know?

    Question! That's a TV Show? I'm moving to Brazil!

  36. Why do you want to know?

    OMG! That woman has that dark sweet Chocolate skin. That dark sister is absolutely gorgeous!

  37. Edgar Tapia

    If only the Europeans left them alone… This would've never happen. Europeans should've stayed in their continent, and everyone would've been happy in their own land.

  38. tiye777

    lord have mercy..this is so disgusting it hurts.

  39. phantom page

    fucking black shit

  40. manny romero

    They said she looks like lil zé from city of gods. these people are rude!

  41. gulun couloundel

    They are just jealous because she highlights their mediocrity

  42. abdul raheem

    what is Brazil without its Black population???All the best soccer players are black SMH. and people dont go to Brazil to me more white people. ..Racism never will create peace.

  43. Felicia

    Her body is AMAZING. Brazil is trippin, she's beautiful and educated

  44. 123melatonin

    Nyara you keep strong girl!

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