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The City of Samba

Tilt shift of the Carnaval party in Rio de Janeiro Made by Jarbas Agnelli and Keith Loutit Both Jarbas Agnelli & Keith Loutit were winners at YouTube play, …

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48 thoughts on “The City of Samba

  1. AlbertoBalsamm

    This is amazing.


    so beautiful city brasil samba, I m from bangladesh,,,,

  3. Ben Whitehead

    What software was used to create the tilt shift effect?

  4. Irun Mon

    This is very beautiful

  5. Cassandra

    Looks like stop motion

  6. turboslut

    if only we could perceive perspective like that at will

  7. akbarbenhallaf

    Tilt-Shift in perfection. Incredibly awesome work! Great usage of masks and soulful editing..

  8. Anthony Casella

    STUNNING, how did you manage to make everything look miniaturized?

  9. Mike Bowler

    I am speechless………… You are absolutely awesome. Perfection…Thank you for sharing!

  10. graham68ktm

    Just brilliant -im wondering Keith Loutit how many camera's were used for the parade ? great job capturing all that in one run !

  11. jontbilderberg

    this just makes me feel like a god watching over rio
    probably not healthy, even if it is incredibly beautiful

  12. Ahmed ツ

    That helicopter shot is amazing.

  13. Michael Purser

    Magnificent, makes it so special, especially the background music. I think I can appreciate the parade much more now. I think the music of carnaval is still my favourite bit though.

  14. Lonnie Holders

    Love this city and tilt shift / time laps way of filming/editing!!! Bravo! Was in Rio for a week in oktober 2014 and never felt unsafe. But don't ignore the local rules/tips about what not to do / were not to go!

  15. wellington braz

    You foreingners, i just warn you, don't come to Rio De Janeiro, there is not security to you. Many thieves might  harm you.
    Here in Brasil the government does not  make something efficient to stop that chaos.

  16. Aron Nunes

    Da a impressão que é tudo de brinquedo

  17. Sambazza Danca

    I am in love with this video, can't stop watching it! <3

  18. Paal Erik Thelle Barbeau

    first thing that pops into my mind after seing this…

  19. Paal Erik Thelle Barbeau

    strong DPDR in this video…..

  20. dang3race2

    Woah, the parade looks like a marionette show

  21. xen32

    I'd better not take pictures of my penis with lens like that.

  22. Willian Ferreira

    Awesome tiltshift timelapse. Congratz.

  23. Bronxboy47

    A surrealistic carnival night in Rio.

  24. small_deed

    can i use this video for non-commercial purposes?

  25. iluskamaga

    FANTASTIC  !!!!!!!!!!  Great video !!!

  26. Fernanda Tralala

    Absolutely wonderful video!

  27. John23gr

    Beautiful (mostly) time-accelerated video, ruined by the selectively-out-of-focus elements, to no obvious purpose.

  28. El Soto Z

    Hermoso video

  29. GoldRimmer

    Looks like Simcity!

  30. Leandro Jansen


  31. Cefas Heli Sathler

    Muito foda! Perfeito uso de uma Tilt!

  32. andrecoxa

    Absolutely amazing, as always!

  33. bruno valenca

    Wow Amazing, keep up the good work.

  34. Ricardo Antonio Hinostroza Moreno

    ¡Que maravilloso!
    Y estar ahí es lo más bello del mundo =)

  35. David H. Mason

    Nice, but I'd like a version with something like the original sounds. The whole soundtrack thing has been done to death.

  36. Lucas Capuzzo

    Just amazing !!!

  37. Jean-Philippe Drouin

    Bravo bravissimo!

  38. Gofraan Hamdi

    why they look so small??

  39. Michael Friedman

    Beautiful videography !

  40. Jorge Chaparrall

    Fantástico show !

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