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South Korean Mud Festival

We head over to Boryeong, South Korea, where millions gather to get down and dirty at the annual Mud Festival. ▻ SUBSCRIBE to DIAGONAL VIEW: …

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28 thoughts on “South Korean Mud Festival

  1. Travel Blaggers

    You think that's mad? We went to a CRAZY Mud Festival in Nepal!

  2. fahadsheriff muhammad

    i know there are to tits

  3. ShadowHawk

    who wants to get muddy with the boys 😛

  4. Zeyad Jamil

    came for boobs, where is the sexy boobs !!!!! 🙁

  5. Osama Laden

    Came for tits….didnt find here 3;3…you will go to hell.

  6. Robert Cornelius

    Hey, guys. Don't forget to check out North Korea's landmine foot race starting today. It's a BANG to see the teamwork between the North Koreans. Come join us for the fun!

  7. Brynn Wood

    Been to it before the bathrooms and changing rooms suck u see everyone changing and showering

  8. ziyon ah


  9. Random Guy

    that's disgusting

  10. كنق السلام

    عربي لايك

  11. Rakib Chowdhury

    where is the sexy boobs MC

  12. Mya Jones

    is that guy blue ….why is that guy blue

  13. Rana T1934

    woh leve in sauth koria cell number#

  14. Trust The Vision

    I want to experience this, is this like an annual thing?

  15. ZeroFortyFive

    Should be called "Pervert's Groping Festival".

  16. Waqqar Ahmad

    mental man

  17. Anwar Guthi

    Nice way to have fun

  18. Shan Hannum

    piss on islam

  19. KurtPROMC _Ph19

    mud in south korea thats fun i want there

  20. N Hidayat

    Where the boob

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