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Sol e Mar & Brazilian Street Carnival Dancers

The Sol e Mar playing and the Brazilian Street Carnival Dancers at Fiesta Del Sol 2007 Solana Beach,Ca.

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5 thoughts on “Sol e Mar & Brazilian Street Carnival Dancers

  1. George

    How can I find more music with this kind of specific percussion rhythm? what is the name of it, apart from Rio Carnival Samba and banal stuff like that.

  2. tallboyandy23

    The Video came ALIVE at 2:21 yay!

  3. Joint Manipulation

    i gotta go son

  4. Nastydude0

    @lppoj fat! where do you see a fat girl.i keep for getting anorexic looking women are today's look and life style for people.sad sad world we live in.

  5. Marivaldo Colonia

    kakkakaakkaakakaka they can not be brasilians!!! I am so sorry but i know my country very well…..

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