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Samba Mix : Carnaval Music

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43 thoughts on “Samba Mix : Carnaval Music

  1. XeroRator Xox

    I like this music

  2. Rida Nkiri


  3. Rida Nkiri


  4. Rida Nkiri


  5. Rida Nkiri


  6. Rida Nkiri


  7. Rida Nkiri


  8. mariana_cas mariana_cas

    Someday Rio!!!!


    Saudades desses sambas maravilhosos

  10. Rida Nkiri

    brizille olili olala ou papa mama oo kaka 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😂😂😂😂

  11. Rediyet Beyene

    Does anyone know the name of the song that starts at 36:00?

  12. Aspire1993

    This is amazing I love Cultures!!!! Greetings from an American Of Mexican and German Ancestry from The USA!!!

  13. Imeh Smith

    Trying to stay awake at library editing this book YET AGAIN and NEED something to wake me up….and shake my ass in this seat

  14. Kamile Aykın

    resmi nikah ta istiyorum ben cariye değil sultan olurum biliyorsun aslında cariye istemiyorum. ve ölene dek seveceğim ve senin kalacağım ok baby

  15. Emiliano González

    28:00 muy movido

  16. Orlando Terra



    Isso sim e B.R.A.S.I.L.:-)

  18. alien im in a ship

    yeah boy

  19. KingDre

    whats the name of the first and second sound 00;00- 7;28

  20. Aaronda McGowan

    WHAT IS THE SONG AT 7:30 it sounds soo smooth and romantic!!

  21. carlos levoto

    bjs ao samba nos samba brasil musical

  22. Leonardo Arriaga

    awesome music the best

  23. Cade Wiggins

    ¡Viva o Samba Brasileiro e viva o Brasil!

  24. Cristallized Bird

    Hey y'all ! I'm looking for the real lyrics of the first carnval medley, because I've searched for it but it is not really the same. This medley is my favourite version but I just can't understand everything to translate… Please Help ! <3

  25. Juan Herrera Ortiz

    alguien sabe el nombre del artista en la cancion del minuto 13:40

  26. Leandro Borges Vieira

    a maioria dos gringos devem achar que a música popular brasileira só se baseia no sampa e pagode kkk

  27. Kellene Hill

    What's the name f the first song? I keep searching for it but I can't find it 😩

  28. It's Natalie

    i only listened to this because i needed to do this for my homework and i like it


    Love me some good Samba!! love it!

  30. the 2 of us and you

    samba macdoba

  31. littleHOTTIE87

    I would love to go to Brazil to see Carnaval. Sounds really fun!

  32. DoesNotExist305

    Nothing like playing FIFA and listening to Brazilian carnival music

  33. Caden Schmidt

    This makes me want to go to rio or some place with samba 💃🏼

  34. Canção D Coração

    alguem pode dizer nomi do cancao minuto 16.. ou tudos pfvor

  35. M&M LPS

    Am i the only one that wants to be a samba dancer, but can't because they're american

  36. ESponge2000

    Not being Brazilian, I absolutely LOVE the samba percussion and chord melody fusion with tunes from faraway parts of the world. I appreciate the listening for each of the drum instruments and how they interlock in patterns because I played in a samba band in college. I was assigned the "hackle-hackle". Now as a dad, my first born son is a few months old and discovering sound. I got him to hear samba instruments taken apart on keyboard synthesizer. Then we combine them, then I play him songs like this and he stamps his hands and feet smiling so content! He loves Samba and appreciates it from the perspective of the first 6 months of life, perhaps more than even I ever could! 🙂

  37. corsican lulu

    happiest music in the world: samba!

  38. Ernesto Sepúlveda

    Muito lindo ritmo … Obrigado Brasil, você compartilha a arte do samba para o mundo enteiro.

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