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Samba Dance Lesson – How to do the basic Samba walk in step Julian teaches us how to do the basic Samba walk in dance step. Try this and add the Samba to your list of dance styles.

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25 thoughts on “Samba Dance Lesson – How to do the basic Samba walk in step

  1. Carla Marielli Fontanilla

    I love it.. <3
    That's cute.

  2. SR DriZzy

    3/10 would play again

  3. Blah Dlah

    This is definitely samba. The international kind anyway, the one that is used in high-level competitions all over the world.

  4. Erin Linden Lancaster

    That's Rumba

  5. Marcelo Barroso

    Brazilian greetings. Sorry, but nothing that was presented was samba. Children and  teacher congratulated for trying.

  6. Miyuki Ito

    You Guys Look So Cute 🙂

  7. Joao Paulo

    I think the same thing! If you wanna to see brazil samba, search for carnaval globo(tv)

  8. Ekaterina Kozulina

    is it sergei lasarev ?

  9. Megahedron1501

    It takes quite a bit of work to learn the samba technique needed to give it the characteristics it's supposed to have to make it look like samba and different from other dances.

  10. fitforafeast

    we started @ 5 years old – had already done 2 years of rec & then an audition

  11. Leonelys Hidalgo

    when did you start doing competitive dancing and what things did you do to get into the team?

  12. Apóstolo Tomé

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk this teacher kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  13. camila albornoz

    hello I love your videos I ablo espeñol English tanbien probincia'm from Tucuman

  14. BellaChinnah


  15. J. Reis

    Are you sure this is samba?

    I'm from Brazil, and this definitely is not samba. Looks like Salsa.

  16. apsv85

    These girls just took a nice class of basic SALSA!!! :))))

  17. Juli San

    That looks more like an exaggerated salsa…

  18. 07030205

    Awwwww… Those girls really try hard. They're so cute! The man is nearly professional.

  19. Anhayla

    whoo that takes a lot of energy lol

  20. fitforafeast

    @psychtherapist2009 Julian's mom had them from a recital

  21. AJLeelover1412

    Who bought those dresses?

  22. Abbey

    @fitforafeast thanks and cute dress btw

  23. fitforafeast

    @charliesbellybutton 10 & 11

  24. Abbey

    How old were u guys in this?

  25. lian fabien

    love those dresses! there adorable!

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