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Rio | First 2 minutes | 20th Century FOX

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46 thoughts on “Rio | First 2 minutes | 20th Century FOX

  1. davit leonardo

    whats name the song?

  2. UltraPlushVids

    They missed a part when the bird catchers came and snatched the macaws then he fell

  3. UltraPlushVids

    My fav animated movie 🕊🕊🕊

  4. Crystalitar

    I LOVED the music and dance theme of this movie! greatly underappreciated movie!

  5. G.L.A Vlogs

    I 💜 this movie and always will 😃

  6. Nailwing The Psyco

    "everyone here is on fire" I love this song, but that is scary XD

  7. Lapis Lazuli

    I had to do this as a play I was so tired when I went home ps I was a scarlet macaw

  8. Sven Fair

    is that blue when he was a baby.

  9. Nmgreendragon 7

    Memories man…

    I remember having to dance to this.
    And I have to admit that i loved that even if it was hard for me.

  10. Tiffany Banks

    My two year old goes NUTS over this scene.

  11. Carmen Gonzalez

    que criaturas más bonita

  12. Reagan Luft

    Brazil and Brazil ♥

  13. Benita Ramirez Chavez


  14. Benita Ramirez Chavez


  15. Thomas Ambrosio Jr

    What kind of bird is at 0:45

  16. live life 621

    will rio 3 coming??

  17. 。坂田


  18. Angie Moore

    blue is too cuteeee!

  19. Bianca Souza

    muito gonto deste desenho muito bom

  20. Virgilio Marquez

    Hi i just uploaded a full movie of Rio i can upload more movies if you guys want

  21. Pencil Lofaver

    what's the songs name?

  22. linkLoverAG

    0:24 What do you call that hooting sound? I hear it in most Brazilian style soundtracks, but can't tell if it's an actual guy or an instrument.

  23. Reyli Ramirez-Ponce

    i like this song

  24. Lino Públio Augusto Pinto Monteiro

    Uma maravilha na cidade maravilhosa – RIO DE JANEIRO.

  25. César Mellado


  26. jose antonio jaime linares

    igualito del gol de neymar vs españa el trailer en el canal 5 hace 4 años

  27. Ana Star

    Além de falar do meu Br, fala de uma questão mt importante da extinção e etc 😍

  28. xXLUIAN# PROXx

    algien de ecuador k aun vea este tema chingon komo yo 😀 ""2017""

  29. Faren Douglas

    I love this song l do it at my cherr

  30. gerlane geh

    I love my Brazil😍💚💛

  31. Daniel R

    Rio de Janeiro❤

  32. Akbar Rio Roynaldi

    My Name Is RIO

  33. Kate Agustin

    I can't believe that this movie was like around 2011 <3 I loved their songs.

  34. Four Friends

    I saw that white bird in the ZOO

  35. Burhan Saja

    lagu keren

  36. Animation Kids Movies

    amazing movies.

  37. Rodrigodiasu

    Whats Bird name of "yellow bird" sound in the begin of the movie ?

  38. Bobby Potter

    Why did they not do this song In the rio Olympics

  39. Bobby Potter

    Blu had a
    Moment of fun for a minute,then falls so sad. Bad life blu right

  40. Bobby Potter

    All the birds of the feather

  41. Bobby Potter

    I fell bad for blu

  42. Fati Ch

    rio like i am love -:)♡♥

  43. Fati Ch

    rio like i am love -:)♡♥

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