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Rio de Janiero Brazil for Carnival, Flying a Gulfstream – Sailing Doodles

Before my stroke I was a professional pilot and had this footage from a trip to Rio De Janiero Brazil during Carnival 2015. It was an amazing experience and a …

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45 thoughts on “Rio de Janiero Brazil for Carnival, Flying a Gulfstream – Sailing Doodles

  1. jerry b

    cool video i like seeing this other part of you life. also Lauren wow to hot i thought the girls were going to hope out of that outfit she was wearing at the bar. lol

  2. Curtis Mulder

    Ya brother!

  3. Alex Tursun

    After seen this videos I respect and understand you , now you are not someone who is just making sailing videos. Good winds my friend.

  4. Iron Man

    Ironic, opened youtube, saw a vid on doodles channel, saw a jet and thought what the heck…whoa its steveo1!?!?…no its DOODLES!!! yeah!!! So similar you and he…he looks down, says i wish i was sailing, you look up and say…hey I'm sailing with Megan!!! Both are awesome channels!!!

  5. Michael Libby

    Wow!!! … inspiring.

  6. Jackson Miller

    Really appreciated this video!

  7. BeachBow

    Tough trick life has played on you, but it seems you got even by continuing to live well!!

  8. notanxiousanxiety

    This video is DOPE! Keep em coming, CAPTAIN PILOT

  9. Sup! Kid's Cooking and Culture Show

    Awesome video!!! We just subscribed! Looks like you guys had so much fun in Carnival. We have a kids cooking show that teaches culture through cooking. Check us out if you have a chance. 🙂

  10. Wendy Duranko

    Such an inspiration Bob, great video… So glad I came across your channel. I am deathly afraid of flying, which I know, will keep me from seeing many amazing places… How fast does a plane have to go before taking off? I know it may seem like a dumb question, but I am curious…

  11. Steady's Adventures

    Great video!

  12. mikeyc181

    Damn, she's smokin' …

  13. Brett Hoglan

    Life works out.  I got my commercial license at 44 and was going to work for Great Lakes in Denver (after I struggled to get 1500 hrs because of the reg change) when I started working in online marketing. I started my own business and avoided the $16 an hour and reserve duties and I don't even regret the $70K I am still paying off to get my certifications. Now that I can work from anywhere at any time I am looking to get a Cat and join you in the cursing life!

  14. K Adven

    Outstanding Bob!

  15. Billy Beerman

    Awesome video! And great life lesson for all. If you have a dream, do it now.

  16. Dave Grant

    Great video Bobby.

  17. calmistheway

    The only logical question after that is…. How do you get the chick from the plane on the boat?

  18. Paul Goss

    must of had a minor stroke…….mine is MAJOR!!! i think your vids are cool…one finger typing….3 years…i will be in the water in a year or two!!

  19. David H

    That is the best video that I have seen yet! Thanks for sharing it with us! Cheers to living in our dreams.

  20. Douglas Hale

    What is your honest opinion on me or I should say us starting our dream sailing excursion at the age of 65 😳😳😎✌️

  21. Douglas Hale

    As a retired farmer and multi instrument rated pilot and owner of my own twin engine aircraft at one time, I totally understand the missing part. I loved to fly high performance aircraft. But now my wife and I are looking at sailboats😳 And thinking of taking off for a few yrs. from the PNW. MY ADVICE IS KEEP GOING FOR IT AND ENJOY LIFE. The only thing we are assured of in life is birth and death. And we are here for just a pin prick in time. 😎✌️✌️‼️

  22. CJ Mac

    Pilots and sailors are cut from opposite ends of the same bolt of cloth. The 5 knot end vs the 500 knot end. It's great you found a way to keep navigating your way through life.

  23. exxonvaldeezy

    thanks for sharing this story. i hope one day I can get my wings, despite being paralyzed in one arm.


    After being in the 777 for many years I feel for you….but… "Life's a beach…..then you lay on it and get sand in your pants" doh..!!

  25. John Malloy

    Way Awesome says The Canadian. Respect.

  26. Brandon Evans

    From one party animal to another I don't know how you balanced getting wild & then flying! great video Bob

  27. Jimmy D

    You REALLY need to take Loren sailing with you!!!!!!

  28. John Serow

    Bobby, I do not believe in coincidences, I believe that things happen for a reason. God will not give us anything that we cannot handle. It is how you deal with it. You took your blessing as a new direction to follow. I am happy for you. I really enjoy your videos, they are wonderful and inspiring. This video was a bit sad, but I love the fact that you didn't let it hold you down. Keep up the great work and God Bless you and your crew.

  29. steveo1kinevo

    Really heartbreaking to have to give up flying as a pilot. It is great that you are able to pursue your passion of sailing! You only live once, you never want to get to the end of it and wonder "what if". Enjoyed the video, looks like it was a really fun trip!

  30. Johnny Gerhart

    Very Nice Bobby!

  31. Brian Guilfoos

    Not what I was expecting, but a really good video. Thanks for sharing it, Bob.

  32. Endless Joe

    Sad story man, but I am glad your story is not over! Aviator to mariner, seems like a natural transition. Happy sailing brother!

  33. Todd Landry

    Great Video! I also was a corporate pilot and had a medical issue. I had to leave the cockpit and now I'm an airport manager.

  34. bill4nier

    A lot of truth in what you said. Thanks for sharing the video of your past. Sail on. ⛵⛵⛵⛵. 👍👍👍

  35. Wilfred Darr

    Sailing Doodles Thank you for sharing that. It was hard to watch, can't imagine how hard for you to go back through the footage for editing. I hope this new direction works out for you: I'd hate to see you sucked back in, as epic as the adventures can be at times in aviation, the adventures you're on now are better.

  36. ScurvyDog01

    Thanks for the videos Bob. Very well put at the end. I to was in aviation for over half my life and my end was similar to yours. I accomplished my dream, but have continued to dream and strive towards new ones. For any young person interested in aviation the hours can be long, travel can be hard, pay bad for the early years, but the equipment you fly and the adventures you get paid to go one are priceless. It allowed me to see the world and go places I wouldn't have dreamed of going.

  37. Mfanawemkosi Fakudze

    Good video. Too much booze in your life. Be careful.

  38. david pac

    good video m8.
    sounds like you have lived life to the fullest everyday, like it was your last. work hard, play hard. good on you, you are inspiring. all the channels i watch on youtube are inspiring i think and one day i mite join you all.
    cheers davo.

  39. Mike Haduck

    Nice off shoot, folks respect you because you are brave and able to overcome obstacles , I do believe in fate & God, You have a gift with your videos , keep it up, stay brave

  40. Shane Flanegan

    Wow mate, great video and Iove your story. Keep on hanging in there with your dream buddy, I know it encourages me thats for sure… ;-}

  41. Crawford White

    Awesome thanks for shareing

  42. Crawford White

    Great tans Bobby

  43. Paul Brochner

    Thanks for the glimpse into your former life. I was a locomotive engineer before I retired, and although I enjoyed it immensely, it suddenly occurs to me that none of my trips ever took me to Rio. lol!

  44. daleportorford

    Love the Video, Bob. You had what I would refer to as a dream vocation. So sorry you were unable to continue in it, but very happy you are making the best of things. Heck, Sailing around the Carribean with Meghan isn't all that bad, is it? Take care and stay healthy and keep the videos' coming.

  45. Ben Steel

    It's video's like this that although you don't think have much meaning at that time. Later on they give you a sense of perspective, achievement and memories of a life well lived for those that one day you may leave behind. One day when I fulfill my dreams I will do the same to inspire others so people will see how I lived my dream and my daughter will have memories too.

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