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In this vlog I went to a pre carnival outside our apartment in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. I also got my hair done by Adryelle who gave me single plaits. £15 Free Uber …

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  1. Yigit Tornacı

    abi lutfen turkce alt yazi koy

  2. Derya AYAN

    Türkçe konuşurmusun

  3. Hicory Dock

    You lot really think Barry an Neyda would live an roll with a prostitute? Neyda Would 1000 percent NOT let a street whore in her accommodation. Think

  4. nicholas brown

    she disapeard to go see a client alpay trust me

  5. nicholas brown

    alpay man be safe and dont be raw dogging this pros, its all fun and games until you gets aids

  6. emre kesim

    amina koyum Türkçe çeksene

  7. Berko Berko

    Kanka Krallsın

  8. DingDahdo

    I heard she's a hooker broski

  9. Aaron PSN4

    She ain't bad looking you know. But how's mans picking up a girl that he only lipsed? Is this yout dizzy blud?

  10. Commando Vermelho

    Probably fucked man in the bedroom when they went out loooool. Brazilian girls are fucked let me tell you

  11. Michelle LL

    Haha Peaceyow!!!! 🙂

  12. Bangers and Mash

    alpay highkey goes through depression when he reads Marcus's comments

  13. Ali Khan

    Wallah billahi his rat hair is ugly

  14. Munzz97

    This guy looks like Vanbanter with that hair 😂

  15. rhea Begum

    aryas better

  16. Diligent Diligent alpay wtf is this I want some answers little man

  17. Efe Toksöz

    alpay crazy türk kanalına neden video. gelmiyor

  18. Watchdog

    How old is Barry?


    she's watching 'the trail of oj Simpson' that was a good short series still

  20. Cenk A

    Tekmill brought me here👀

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