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Rio de Janeiro Carnival: The best bits of ‘the world’s biggest party’

With some two million visitors, the carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is the world’s largest. Here are the highlights from 2012. Report by Sam Datta-Paulin. Like us …

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8 thoughts on “Rio de Janeiro Carnival: The best bits of ‘the world’s biggest party’

  1. Paul Matsuda-Lawrence

    I am desperate to know the name of this song!!!!!!

  2. Paul Matsuda-Lawrence

    Anyone know the song?

  3. Luiz Dorini

    @danandalexrule Because in your country, there are no Journalists Good. As a journalist publishes a video of SAMBA, with Caribbean music …… Bunch of stupid

  4. Dan Gilmore

    if its the world biggest party, then why is it only 1:20 !

  5. SamuelBjjxMMA

    They better re-edit this!!! what an absurd!

  6. Brazilian Fish

    What's this caribbean music?? It has nothing to do with Brazilian carnival. Brazil is SAMBAAAAAAAAAA, gringos!!!

  7. nando02bhz

    How ignorant is this video?!?!?! they are playing jamacain music, brazil is about half a continent far from jamaica! Is it that hard to research before you do something?!?!?! What about some information? or just the wrong soundtreck is enough? bunch of bad journalists! unsubscribe pleaseeee

  8. artilleryboy1

    An idiot abroad with Karl Pilkington.

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