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Rio de Janeiro Carnival Bloco : Wild Street Party has been partying like crazy and filming the wild street parties of Rio Carnival 2013 just for you. Follow us amongst many different blocos …

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10 thoughts on “Rio de Janeiro Carnival Bloco : Wild Street Party

  1. julia Hiller

    o rio de janeiro caindo aos pedaços saúde ,segurança e esse povo pulando carnaval !

  2. thesaviomoreira

    why do you love* sorry 😛

  3. thesaviomoreira

    why you love carnival in brazil so much? you sent me a video and got my attention

  4. Michael Friedman

    Fantastic video of the Rio de Janeiro Carnival 2013 Bloco : Wild Street Party

  5. darci de souza

    I agree with you, fluobis, 100%.

  6. Charles ButNotChuck

    Come on, do you really think that our government will better invest the money from carnaval otherwise?? That that money will make us beat China?? We don't need more hospitals that costs milions and collapse before serving the first patient. Carnaval isn't perfect but hell, it's a lot better than what we see elsewhere!

  7. fluobis

    I think you are making a bit of a caricature here Cenobiter, as Charles said Carnaval itself is not responsible for the problems. You are generalizing to the street parties but there is much more to it. The parade at Sambodromo is by itself a fantastic piece of culture and creativity, a unique show with a magical ambience that anyone should attend at least once in their lives.

  8. A Terra é plana

    Temporary jobs? Yay! Temporary money! 4 days later, misery's back. Urine, vomit, blood, trash, and 9 months later thousands of new moms who don't have means or minds to raise a child, not to mention STD´s. How about permanent jobs? Investments? Show me. Foreign money only reaches the top. Lower classes never see a single penny. This party is a disgrace.

  9. Charles ButNotChuck

    Carnaval brings a LOT of money from tourism, creates temporary jobs and works as a showcase for how the country handles big events, which attracts foreign investments. Both of these generates taxes that supposedly goes into hospitals, schools and security.

    Carnaval itself is not the problem. Our rotten corrupt government and those who elect them are.

  10. A Terra é plana

    Fuck carnaval. People are miserable and millions of reais from the government go into this legalized debauchery. Who needs schools, hospitals and security, right?

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