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Rio Carnival Samba Parade – Golden Boys

Hot shirtless men in Speedos covered in gold glitter are a sure recipe to cause an uproar at Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival Samba Parade. These dudes, hand-picked …

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4 thoughts on “Rio Carnival Samba Parade – Golden Boys

  1. Franck Russel

    sooo hooootty

  2. mrsbrown333

    the Olympics are going to be wonderful now


    Theyre not golden boys, theyre HOT BOYZZZZZ….

  4. marcosipanema

    The dancers that populate a float have to be hand-picked to make sure that they not only look good, but they can also dance the samba, sing along the theme of the samba school, and attract the attention of the audience with their enthusiasm. On this float by Portela the "Roman statues" were actually statuesque boys with bodies sculpted to perfection at the gym wearing Speedos, gold paint and glitter, a flowing cape and sandals. Our kudos!

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