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Rio Carnival Princess of Carnival 2012: LETICIA GUIMARAES

Leticia Guimaraes Rio Carnival 2012 Princess elected w a powerful samba dance routine & great costumes too!

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15 thoughts on “Rio Carnival Princess of Carnival 2012: LETICIA GUIMARAES

  1. Angermanagement

    Bailarines brasileños son los mejores bailarines, pero Rio bailarines son guapas.

  2. diosmedes vargas

    que hermosaaa…y danzaaa espectacularrrr

  3. ngzouklove

    The sheer athletic ability to dance in stillettos OMG!!!

  4. Brazil Carnival Videos

    @issarootz Thanks for stopping by. She is indeed very lovely. I was able to interview her. If you want to see, check this link. All the best and cheers!

  5. Brazil Carnival Videos

    @carlacostas2 E verdade! O interessante eh que ela se esforcou, treinou, malhou, nao teve vergonha em falar q teve aula de samba…mt legal. Meritos para ela, sua humildade foi uma prova que todos podem chegar la, se perseverarem, Vlw pelo post amiga!

  6. Brazil Carnival Videos

    @BrazilCarnivalCOMBR That is true.

  7. Brazil Carnival Videos

    @Jcoop6991 Hello , I think you are mistaken. She was in another contest, but not the Official Rio de Janeiro Carnival Queen Contest. The winner was "Ketula Rocha Mello, 24 anos, eleita Rainha do Carnaval 2008, no concurso promovido pela Riotur" – See below related data:


  8. J Cooper

    @belavistario Not really Cris participated in "Musa do Carnaval 2008 RJ" and won that title, so she's a professional at dance. But both Cristiane and Leticia are great dancers.

  9. Carla Pereira

    CERTO que ela faria parte da corte, fato!! linda parabéns

  10. Brazil Carnival Videos

    @frieddrums You are right! impressive….this is the last one I posted>

  11. Brazil Carnival Videos

    Friends, we know the quality of the camera is not that great, but we are working in getting a new one. Thanks anyhow for the positive comments.

  12. Gilson Nascimento

    Minhas previsão estava certo está garota conseguir um papel de 1 princesa na folia de momo de 2012. Parabéns gata você conseguir.

  13. belavistario

    @mcg160270 I agree with you! But as a first timer, she did an excellent performance. It was her first time ever at this kind of contest. I was happy with the all the 3 results: 1) Cris 2) Leticia, 3) Suzan. Cheers and tks for posting and partivcipating with us here!

  14. mcg160270

    Cristiane Alves is far better!

  15. Brazil Carnival Videos

    Uma apresentação impecável! Título de princesa mais do que merecido! Parabens!

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