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Pre Rio Carnival Celebration.

Brazil has the largest black population in the Western Hemisphere. Black culture has influenced this location. The black women here are very good looking and …

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9 thoughts on “Pre Rio Carnival Celebration.

  1. MelaniteX

    Sounds like you had a great time! 🙂

  2. You're Stupider Than Jupiter

    Ugh. That is one ugly bastard.

  3. gary willis

    $1000 for ten days? Seriously?

  4. Prophet of Yahwah Banyamyan

    I haven't YouTube in a long time but it's good to see you back and well. And yeah, Brazil is a beautiful nation. The black women there are in line and act properly compared to most Amerikkkan black women.

  5. Devante Dawson

    Wish I there man..the women here in us can kick rocks

  6. Era Cane

    Excellent video

  7. Era Cane

    I would love to visit during Rio, I can speak a little Portugese

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