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One man injured after shooting near parking lot

TOLEDO, OH (WTVG) – Police officers have responded to a call near the Franklin Park mall for an incident that sent one person to the hospital.

Toledo police say one man was taken to the hospital with an injury to his midsection.

Officers had the exit lane from the mall to Sylvania Avenue roped off. They just reopened it after an hour around 10:30pm.

Police were called out there for a report of a person shot just before 9:30pm.

A police sergeant on scene says they believe the victim was grazed by something, either from a real gun or a pellet gun.

We are told officers haven’t been able to find any shell casings which is leading them to believe it could be a pellet gun.

Police say this all started with an altercation in the parking lot.

A family told officers a car that was speeding through a parking lot nearly hit their kid so they told that driver to slow down. That led to an exchange of words when the suspect pulled out and fired a gun or pellet gun.

Officers shortly after spotted the victims on Central near Secor where the man was taken to the hospital for treatment.

There’s no word yet on a suspect.

There’s also a traveling carnival in that area and officers are not sure yet if the victim or suspect we are either leaving the mall or this carnival when the altercation happened in the parking lot.


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