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National Geographic – Inside Rio Carnaval (2007)

National Geographic – Inside Rio Carnaval (2007)

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12 thoughts on “National Geographic – Inside Rio Carnaval (2007)

  1. Tj Landry

    Brazil has the hottest women on the planet, hands down!

    Hell, even the Transsexuals are hot!

  2. Adde Wenn

    This goes into my bucket list.

  3. Letrell Disney

    this is kinda like trinidad carnival

  4. Anthony Ellul


  5. Anthony Cocuzzi

    How does an american get to be in the parade? How can someone be on the float from USA? Is there a website…. my great grandfather came from Italy and moved to Brazil but then moved to the USA

  6. Le Andrade

    Quite honest and deep. I'm Brazilian and I liked it. Just tell the guy who adds the background studio music that everything he chose to play is NOT Brazilian! it's Spanish-related music.

  7. Axel Pingol

    Rio Carnaval- The literal incarnation of the phrase " Music and Passion is always the Fashion". I was amazed and at the same time saddened at the parades- for the winners, the year-long glee of being the winner; for the losers, shame and humiliation of defeat (with termination as an after-effect) which led them to work and spend more for the rest of the year. For those too poor to even watch an event that was once small, sporadic and free, it is the epitome of the bastardization of such a cherished cultural activity.
     Ah, well! Every nation has at least a celebration activity that was radically changed for the worse in the off-chance of forgetting their daily woes and enjoy a good, colorful display of human synchronization and harmony which will lead them deeper into or higher from the mud.

  8. Abraham Lincoln

    black women dancing best to samba music , it is like they are born for 

  9. Sandrine Anterrion

    So many ignorant people refuse to look beyond the veil, and fail to appreciate the misery which brought Samba parades to the World. Beautiful Brazilians.

  10. Samu Souza

    love you brézil !!!!

  11. PSYLLA2020

    A good insight… not all that glitters is gold.

  12. Giovanna Jorraz

    Brazil is one of the most beautiful countries in the world !

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