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National Dance of Brazil: SAMBA!! How was it born? 7 MINUTES of Pure Dancing!

Most people know that the National Dance of Brazil is Samba. What many don´t know is exactly where it came from. 90% of all of the posts on this channel say …

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11 thoughts on “National Dance of Brazil: SAMBA!! How was it born? 7 MINUTES of Pure Dancing!

  1. Robert Evans

    Trying to learn. A "Musa" means a muse in English. What the meaning of the term "passista" ? I love Brazilian culture and hope to travel there soon.

  2. Untraveled Legend

    good National Dance of Brazil ggg video

  3. Seventh Level Down

    there are no losers in this competition.

  4. KVS

    The men are very good dancers all so…

  5. KVS

    The women make the dance moves seem so easy and effortlessly. Perfection!

  6. llillianjean

    Hello! What is your opinion on the influence of showgirl performance particularly on female passistas in areas like costume, posture, walk and poses?

  7. ngzouklove

    everybody is so pretty down there. I want to drink that water….it's gotta be the water

  8. MrEdium

    MERCY !!!! So Much Beautiful Talent.

  9. Johnny mahsrow

    I love the samba and the women who dance this beautiful form of dance and it's movement. Bravo Brazil.

  10. shaboogie1000

    Great video and great dancing. I love their costumes and different styles of samba. LOL@ the pregnant lady in green @ 4:05. She wasn't gonna miss out on the fun:)

  11. amine dellal

    woooow nice

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