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My American husband watching the Samba dancers in Carnaval parade-Rio-Brazil-2015

That was the first time time my American husband went to Carnaval in Rio, he was amazed with so much beauty, joy, colors, passion and plus organization.

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17 thoughts on “My American husband watching the Samba dancers in Carnaval parade-Rio-Brazil-2015

  1. Raneka Butler

    reminds me of rio

  2. marco antonio valencia garcia

    1:52 excelente baile!!! :O

  3. MegaTx44

    If you can move your legs and hips like that, you gotta be damn good in bed….mmmmm,mm,………….oooowwwwweeeeee

  4. Manuel Correia

    Brasil é o país do Samba.

  5. ULGMX


  6. andy alizo


  7. Kevin Rivero

    muy hermoso el carnaval brasilero

  8. Dewayne White

    very colorful, awesome!

  9. felipe Gomez

    White American are very dumb

  10. Danaija Robinson

    I am inlove with black culture and their many ethnic groups. I want to travel to Brazil and the Caribbean one day during their carnival seasons.

  11. denia wise one

    you are loved brazil!!

  12. corsican lulu

    i love seeing the guys dance too, they show usually the women too much…i guess is cuz many times theyre nearly naked

  13. Ricardo Freire

    i would get a slap just for the music no video.

  14. MJ Brewer

    So colorful and extraordinary. I can only imagine after wearing those shoes all day and having the added weight of the feathers on their backs, how terribly sore they must feel the following day. Doesn't Rio de Janeiro Carnival last a week? Hats off to them!

  15. Marty Mar

    in shape from head too toe

  16. southcity34

    Your a gorgeous ipad is fogging up.

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