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Latest grants awarded by Wellington Town Council (From Somerset County Gazette)

FOUR grants were awarded at the latest Wellington Town Council meeting.

The meeting took place on Monday, May 8.

Wellington Museum and Local History Society applied for a grant of £750 to contribute towards cost of rent.

In the past, the town council had subsidised the society where only £250 was charged, but an internal auditor identified a different way of granting the aid to the museum. The councillors voted to award the grant.

Wellington in Bloom applied for a grant of £1,200 to go towards the cost of its projects this year.

The group aims to improve the town environment to attract business, benefit residents and attract visitors. This year their projects will include work with school and pre-schools, maintaining Lancer Court hanging baskets, supporting the Peace Garden and providing ongoing maintenance at Swains Lane Nature Reserve. The grant was award.

Wellington Quakers applied for a grant of £300 to go towards the Celebration of Light 2017.

The event is held in the gardens of the Quaker Meeting House, High Street, in the last few weeks of the year around Christmas time as it has in previous years. This event has been supported by the town council in the past and has become a regular part of the local Christmas celebrations.

The Wellington Community Centre applied for an application of £1,672 towards the overall cost of replacement for the front and rear arched windows in the main hall. The grant would cover half of the costs.

The councillors voted to award the grant.

An application of £2,500 was submit from the Wellington Carnival Committee. The committee said due to increasing costs and a fall in donations the amount left to distribute to charities is “declining to the point where carnival will no longer be a viable proposition”.

Some councillors had concerns that awarded the grant would be an indirect grant to charities and would not go towards running costs of the carnival. They voted to defer the decision of the grant until information had been obtained about what the money would be used for.


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