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JULY CARNIVAL 20-1: Moss Rocket v Cangronde

IT’S A race still talked about in hushed tones by racing fans more than 20 years after it happened.

In 1996 two sprinters Cangronde and Moss Rocket had been burning up tracks around the country and the Ramornie was going to decide who was the best.

Even with class runners, like Legal Agent, in the field this Ramornie was viewed as a match reace between the top two Australian sprinters.

And that’s the way the race panned out.

In a titanic tussle, widely considered the most exciting Ramornie, Cangronde, ridden by Wayne Harris, edged out his six-year-old rival ridden by Robert Thompson.

After hitting the front Cangronde managed to hold off Moss Rocket, who loomed large over the concluding stages, to win by a nose in race record time of 1.08.28.

It was a time that stood until 2004 until the mighty Takeover Target bested it.


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