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It’s a Perfect Week for a Carnival in Luzerne County!

SHICKSHINNY, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)- It’s no secret that times have been tough for many volunteer fire companies in our region.

Money is tight and volunteers are hard to come by. One Luzerne County fire department’s response to there concerns is to have a carnival!

“We are a volunteer organization,” says Colleen Martin of the Shickshinny Volunteer Fire Department. “Everything we get, we earn.”

Starting tonight, and for the next three days, the Shickshinny Fire Company hopes to earn tens of thousands of dollars to help keep their fire department up and running.

“There will be lots of games, lots of rides, and kids can have a great time as well as the adult kids,” says Martin.

“A lot of hard work has been put into this a couple of weeks, months!,” Says Nicole Davis of the Shickshinny Volunteer Fire Department.

It’s been nearly ten years since the fire department held a carnival, but the need for funds is not the only reason the carnival has been resurrected.

“Volunteer firefighters are in high demand,” says Jason Wall of the Shickshinny Volunteer Fire Department.

However, many of the would-be volunteers walk away because they just can’t afford to pay for training, and the fire department doesn’t have the money to help them out. This carnival can change all of that.

“Money raised will help get the new members training and better equipment so they can help the community as a volunteer firefighter,” says Wall.

The folks there say the money is crucial, but also as important is to raise awareness about the need for more firefighters.

The Shickshinny Firefighters Carnival starts at 6:00 tonight and runs until Saturday night. It’s located just off Route 11 in the center of the borough.


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