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Incredible street carnival samba drumming Video!!! carnaval drumming by the famous street band Bangalafumenga, in one of their rehearsals…Great!! What we …

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  1. T A R S

    so fuckin' amazing!

  2. Michelle M

    please do HD next time and stand away from the bass drum. 🙂 I'd like to see and hear it better.

  3. corsican lulu

    my fav part is the whistles in the background for some reason. sometimes dominican music uses it it, merengue, but it always reminds me of samba which i prefer

  4. corsican lulu

    samba puts me in a trance! so hypnotic. im so mad i wasnt born brazilian so i could be a samba expert right now

  5. Batista

    brazilian percussion

  6. rizzy ro

    Is this a particular tune or song in Brazil and if so what is the name? I remember hearing it at the end of snoop dogs beautiful video and I cannot get it out of my head so powerful makes you want to move!

  7. Edgar Espino

    This is like Brazil's equivalent to the American Drumline, but like 3 times the size

  8. Drianko Official

    Esta súper genial 👌🏻
    Saludos desde México
    I ❤️ Brasil

  9. Windows Sux


  10. Saray Cantillo

    eu amo muito samba eu também amo brasil eu soy dô colômbia muitos beijitos é abração

  11. AngryDemonBowser

    now i have drummed in the African way, but they can't quite bring the energy that the Brazillians can give. If i have to be very honest. Brazillian>the world

  12. TheTassili77

    Olá amigo ! here's a translation of the description
    the first line is for the video title (if you think it's important to show it in arabic)

    تطبيل مهرجاني رائع في الشارع: الباتوكادا في أروع أشكالها !

    فيديو رائع عن طبول مهرجان السّامبا في الشّوارع.طبول المهرجان الشهيرة من فرقة بانغالا فومينغا،في أحد بروفاتها…روعة !!
    نشاهد في الفيديو "الباتوكادا" النموذجية،و هي حشد من ضاربي طبول السّامبا.
    الكثير من النّاس الذين لا يعرفون ثقافة المهرجان يظنون أنّ الباتوكادا تخص بروفات مدارس السّامبا،أو للاحتفالات الاستعراضية بــريو أو ساو باولو مثلاً.لكن الباتوكادا – و لأنّها قلب السّامبا و المهرجانات – تُستخدم في مناسبات عدّة : العروض الاحتفالية،فرق مهرجانات الشوارع،ما يُعرف بالباغود (و هو نوع من السّامبا)،كرة القدم،ما يُسمى بحساء فول السّامبا،بروفات مدارس السّامبا و حتّى في احتفالات الزواج.
    العزف على بعض آلات السّامبا يعتبر هواية عند الكثير من البرازيليين
    هتاف !!

  13. Robert Johnson

    Love this. Can we please have a high quality upload?!

  14. Jasmine Greenland

    What instruments are used here

  15. Nadia Gamali

    es que yo soy brasileña y se bailar samba

  16. Nadia Gamali

    que es eso

  17. Edson Oliveira

    Cariocada mandando bem. Valeu.

  18. Rick Ali

    end of the day they are still stupid white man who copy us indians

  19. Frank Moreno

    I love this estan bellisimas ummm hermosas

  20. Kyle Huxley

    The brazillians really know how to party 🙂

  21. Jane G Seda

    Amazing! 👏👍

  22. Francisco Álvarez

    That was so full of energy and joy. Amazing Brazilian music.

  23. Merk

    This must be such as boost for the Brazil players to listen to while playing football!

  24. alextx502

    Love it love braziiill!!!

  25. pedro Silva

    sou de Brasil 

  26. pedro Silva

    brasil e demais 

  27. Shivan Mohyaddin

    This is one of the greatest music culture the earth have ever witnessed ! Its full of energy, soul, encouragements and internal body relaxations! If your sad/sick just listen to this it will raise up your mood and make you have lot of energy to get rid of your boredom! 😀 Greetings from KURDISTAN ! I love you BRASIL !

  28. MrNitrogens

    vocês estão fantastico!

  29. Rosa Leal

    Vous êtes magnifiques!!! <3 

  30. Jo Hedengran

    Found my love in Brazil.

  31. MrGonz2012

    This is part of South Americas' soul

  32. rolando farias

    O Brasil é tudo ..
    tudo veio ao mundo para ver a alegria real e natural que é o Brasil, não a velha senhora responsável lopez jenifer para cantar

  33. Steven Martinez

    Are any of them wearing ear plugs?

  34. tony brigante

    amazing beat , really take u somewhere else ! very magical and up lifting !! makes u feel happy !

  35. Mirel Cabrera

    If you like this video you must see:
     Ensaio Salgueiro esquenta bateria 2012

  36. Pls No

    I'm having a semi heart attack watching this it's too amazing

  37. Tony Tapia Lifestyle

    I Love Brasil Culture!!!

  38. Eliseo Mercado


  39. steve king

    Proud to be south american!!!!!! Love to south america !!! Love to Argentina and Brasil as we go forward in trying to win the World Cup!!!!!!!!

  40. toroloco73

    Hermosas brasileiras!!!!!!!

  41. DD PM

    I want something like this but with good sound quality 
    or at least good camera worklool


    i just been dancing to the samba pretend to play de drums it is all exercise to my fat beer belly   

  43. 414MrMilwaukee

    I lost 25lbs listening to this

  44. Crystal C. Adams

    +Rickey Moore mainstream America doesn't. I went to Florida A&M University and our band is very percussion focused. Actually my high school band in DC was also. I guess the percussion based tradition from Africa and South America has stayed with us in the black community. Hell the Redskin football team band gets down like this by playing Go-Go music which is iconic to DC and percussion heavy. Anyway, I agree MOST Amercian marching bands play boring stuff. Cheers

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