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Luxury Carnival Costumes for dancers or Carnival Queens are supposed to be at the same time creative, “impacting”, comfortable, but mainly functional and …

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  1. Denise Oppitz

    Hey Guys, i am new on Youtube. It would be great if you support me a little bit.
    I have created a video Tutorial for a flower headpiece. Please have a look on it
    Thank you so much <3

    Hey Ihr Lieben ich bin neu auf YouTube, wäre toll, wenn ihr einmal auf mein Video klicken könntet und gerne einen Kommentar hinterlässt. Ich habe mein erstes Video gemacht für ein Blumenkopfschmuck 🙂 Freue mich auf euch 🙂

    PS: OMG so talented, thank you for the Tutorial <3

  2. Brazil Carnival Videos

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    Luxury Carnival Costumes for  dancers or Carnival Queens are supposed to be at the same time creative, “impacting”, comfortable, but mainly functional and durable. Feathers falling from the samba costumes for example, are not supposed to be seen on the “samba catwalks” or at the performance stage, not say the beads or crystals incrusted in the bikini tops or other lower body adornments.   This is an item where many suppliers don´t pay much attention should, since they are not an ordinary “one time parade costume”, but a real “professional costume”. As we have written in other articles, samba dance costumes, as with showgirl costumes, should be able to endure and should be carefully crafted, since many of the touring samba shows may last for months!

    To help us illustrate, Brazil Carnival Videos posted above photo shooting session video footage (filmed in Rio de Janeiro) to assist our readers understand, and see how samba dance bikinis or costumes look on a stage, in a real samba rehearsal settings, or in show performances. As you will observe, they are functionally designed and manufactured differently, since their use and purpose is also diverse.

    We hope you will get a glimpse of some of the different aspects and characteristics of these costumes and learn more about their nature. In the videos, you will also be able to review some of the most fabulous Brazilian samba dance routines on the planet. The video above shows diva Lilian Duarte with a very expensive costume.

    This last carnival costume is totally on another level, and not the kind we normally see around. These are extremely luxurious and elaborate costumes in terms stones, beads, embroidery work, and specially amount of feathers. This kind of “art costumes” are only used by true Carnival Queens, Princesses, Muses and Divas and tailored to especially glamorous circumstances. Sometimes these costumes are made, believe or not, just for one unique public appearance, like the official Rio or Sao Paulo Carnival parades. For these kinds of presentations, elegance, attractiveness, and glittering richness are a real “must” to costumes stylists and designers.   Here you will see both in the video and in photos, a truly spectacular “haute-couture” Diva Carnival costume, sometimes called “art” or “luxury carnival” costumes.

  3. Brazil Carnival Videos

    @009firefox Indeed she is! She was awarded a prize as a Samba Queen for a prestigious samba school here in Rio. Her name is Lilian duarte. I have an interview with her here:


  4. Brazil Carnival Videos

    @009firefox You are right. I looks really well on dark and brunettes. Try some samba classes, its not that difficult! I am sure in less than one month you are ready for the samba dancing. All my samba friends confirmed this with me. Check too this new video I made w costumes:


  5. Brazil Carnival Videos

    @Mainhaskow thank you for the post! The color of this Samba – Karneval is amazing!

  6. silvia maria skowronski

    Love the colors of these Brazil Carnival costumes

  7. Brazil Carnival Videos

    @nancydrew999 Just to re-frase, "cool in terms of the activity….laughs…"…but it was really really hot inside!…rsss

  8. Brazil Carnival Videos

    @nancydrew999 Thank you Nancy for your time and such positive feedbacks! Its rare today people like you!

    I have just posted a new "making off video " of the photo shooting we did of a celebrity carnival costume. I will send through to all my YT friends, but here it is for you to facilitate. It was a very cool day when we did the shooting! hard work but it was worth for. It was 38 degress celcius!!



  9. nancydrew999

    @BrazilCarnivalCOMBR Thank you, Keep the videos coming. I really enjoy them.

  10. Brazil Carnival Videos

    @nancydrew999 Yes, we are incorporating in our new brazil carnival shop S.I.T.E. in about 2 weeks, the shoes collection. I´ll let you know. all the best!

  11. Brazil Carnival Videos

    @Blackhawk6699 Sounds like a great plan! I can help you with that! all the best!

  12. nancydrew999

    @BrazilCarnivalCOMBR Do you sell samba shoes?

  13. Blackhawk6699

    i am moving to Brazil

  14. Brazil Carnival Videos

    @belavistario The costume also fitted very well the model!

  15. Brazil Carnival Videos

    @corinalice I agree with you., I will pass on your compliment to the designer!

  16. belavistario

    Lots of creativity for sure! Glamor too!

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