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Future of popular carnival in doubt after officials call it off because of health and safety costs

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Any hopes of seeing the return of Burgh le Marsh carnival after an eight year gap have been shattered after officials called it off due to a lack of funds.

Reasons behind the 2017 cancellation include a “poor response” of carnival entries and a lack of cash required for the large health and safety costs.

Councillor Dave Fenton, deputy mayor of Burgh le Marsh Town Council, said people have been left “disappointed” by the news.

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“A lot of people were looking forward to seeing it and waving their arms around,” he said.

“The future of the carnival is up in the air at the minute.

“We’re very disappointed. A lot of hard work has been put into it.

“It was just the fact the minimum requirement for first aid came to about £1,500 and that was just to start with.

“Some of the more experienced and larger carnivals with a larger population may have funds but we have a population of just 2,000 when we look at the local parade.

“The minimum requirements are set for a much higher number of people.

“Locals are disappointed. Most people I talk to are people who would be spectating and are saying it would be a nice event for them to come to see.

“It’s all good having spectators but we need participants too.”

Cllr Fenton, along with his committee of volunteers at Burgh Events Foundation who raise money for the local community, will review the situation at the end of the month and decide whether there is any future in holding a carnival again.

“If we have a few thousand pounds in the bank, maybe we give it to local organisations that need it,” he said. “Or do we throw it all at a carnival? We are trying to weight it all up really.”


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