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Florence brings grit to tournament

Even if the Florence Little League All-Stars fall behind in a game, manager Jim Carnival knows his group of boys aren’t going to quit.

That may be their biggest asset.

“They all have grit, hard work, no quit and big hearts,” Carnival said. “They’re interchangeable throughout the field with a will to win.”

Whether that can carry them deep into the District 12 Tournament is what they’ll find out. Florence begins play on Friday night at HTRBA with first pitch set for 8 p.m.


Carnival thinks they might be able to scratch across a few runs.

“If a couple guys get a hold of one, they can put it out, but most of the guys are looking for singles,” he said. “If we hit one out of the park, it will be a bonus.”

That leaves the rest up to the pitching.

“Pitching is going to depend on who shows up that day,” Carnival said. “We have a couple kids if they’re on they will be good for the competition. We’re just hoping they bring their ‘A’ game every game.”

And, of course, that no-quit attitude.

“They have big hearts and they won’t quit,” Carnival said.


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