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Emmaus carnival off after promoter goes AWOL

Emmaus carnival cancelled

EMMAUS, Pa. – The party is over before it even started.

Emmaus Borough has called off a three-day weekend carnival set to begin Friday at the borough park after the event’s promoter went off the radar.

“The promoter for the carnival is no where to be found,” said Emmaus police Chief Chuck Palmer.

Kairos Promotions has not communicated with the borough or the carnival company once the contract was signed, according to borough officials. JCJ Entertainment said it had a contract with the company and was supposed to get $25,000 up front, but never did.

The entertainment company expected to get additional money after the carnival.  According to the company’s owner Sean Booker, the borough manager has agreed to help recoup some of the lost money, but said a lawsuit can not be filed until after the event would have happened.

69 News was also not able to get in touch with the company, but the company is still selling tickets for the event on its website for $25.

It’s not clear if the company intended to cut off communication with the borough or if there was an emergency, according to the borough.

Because of the lack of communication though, the borough is not sure if anyone purchased tickets for the now canceled event. It’s asking anyone who did to contact the borough, so officials can file a report with the police department.  

Despite the borough saying it will pursue legal action, it’s not clear if a crime was committed.

“You are talking about a multitude of issues as to jurisdiction, and whether an actual crime was committed or if this is going to be a civil matter,” Palmer said.

While it may not find anything illegal, Palmer said the police department will help with information gathering. As of Friday afternoon though, no one had contacted the borough or department saying they had purchased a ticket.

While the carnival is off the table, the borough’s community day is still on. It starts noon Sunday and runs until 6 p.m..  It includes crafters, vendors, live music and other entertainment.


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