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DIY Full Carnival Costume🏼🏼🏼💃

Im from St Kitts & Nevis** Ive always been obsessed with extravagant Carnival costumes which are pretty expensive. These costumes usually range from $500 …

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46 thoughts on “DIY Full Carnival Costume🏼🏼🏼💃

  1. Nahfeesah

    For the feathers, which direction are you placing them: feathers are pointing towards or away from you?

  2. AuraSimmer


  3. Leelee Quick

    Omg I love this costume!!❣❣thank You sooooo much for this video!!! I saw it like 3 months ago and u inspired me to launch my own band for Labor Day this year☺️☺️ Thank you soooo much

  4. London Belly dancer Hire samba dancer Wedding Entertainment Sandrine

    Great job!!

  5. Cng215

    Beautiful luv our people

  6. BeautifulFlaw

    oh my gawd!!! This is soooo good! You did a great job. And you're from skb. My parents are from there, I'm from sxm. Big up islanders🤗🤗🤗

  7. Shawney luv

    loved it very frugal. finally someone else that uses broken jewlery and old stuff to make amazing costumes. hey now

  8. lenisa13

    so i just clicked all the links you put in the description box im going to make mines as soon as they come just in my country (trinidad) colors!!

  9. Tatiana Hall

    Am soooo doing this 4 my Big 30 birthday bomb new subby

  10. Hisana Bazil

    What song is this ?

  11. ThatGuyAB

    Hey Marsha, your page LIT! NICE!

  12. The Victorious One

    You just seriously made my day. Wish we were neighbors. Caribbean girl here, I hear an accent where are you from?

  13. The Victorious One

    You just seriously made my day. Wish we were neighbors. Caribbean girl here, I hear an accent where are you from?

  14. stylin mat

    My family is from St. Kitts as well. Nice video

  15. TheRealCardoso

    You made it look so easy! Thanks I think I'm gonna do it for Hollywood Carnival!

  16. A Lee

    Completely executed doll!!!!

  17. BabyKitten199

    Omg, this is awesome!!! Thank you so much for posting this!!!!

  18. Carly Szerencsy

    How many feathers and gems do i buy

  19. Talitha richards

    No way, ur from st Kitts so am I there's so few of us well at leat where I live, I'm from London. You officially just became my favourite YouTuber lol and the costume is slaying xx

  20. Jovie_Neko Nian Nya Nya Nya

    oh ok…. sub :3

  21. nene durano

    SKB 🇰🇳✊🏽 not from there tho

  22. IslandSweetheart

    Were you in a parade at the carnival or was this just made for fun? I wanted to make myself one the Carnival in Miami.

  23. Mega Gumelar

    You're sooo briliant! This just what i needed! Thank you so much!

  24. Brittany

    This. Is so amazing girl! Just subscribed because yass!

  25. Melissa Murphy

    Beautiful costume

  26. Mspbrwn77

    absolutely beautiful

  27. Harmony J

    Wow really inspiring thank you might try make one for nhc 2017 💥🙌🏾

  28. Bill Shugrue

    Love the video Marsha.went to my first carnival in Boston MA last year. It was the most fun I had in a while….

  29. Une Fille Cool

    hello im french , im 10 years old … the easy !!! thank you !!

  30. Citrina Gumbs

    great job!!

  31. Adralyn Zulu

    hey i love the video!!! i was wondering what size did you order in the swimsuit?

  32. K&N Riddimz

    yes ma'am!! I love this! definitely will be making this!! 👏👌❤

  33. Naomi Rose

    YESS I NEEDED THIS !! I have a fashion show in 4 months and I am known to be in it so I am excited to get crafty and make this costume happen.

  34. DomoniekS

    how many feathers and rhinestones do i need to recreate this look?

  35. Anisa Lana

    i love this video

  36. styh06

    1) This looks amazing! Thanks for the inspiration for my Carnival party!

    2) What is this song at the beginning? I can't find it to save my life 🙁

  37. Taylor C

    Hi, the costume looks amazing! Can you tell me how well it held up while you were at Carnival (if you went, I didn't catch that part)

  38. Lanie Boudreaux

    I'm making mine right now with blue, yellow and green! I will send you my creation!

  39. Aries Beauty

    I need to learn this cuz i play mas in every island and I spend alot of money

  40. RaeB on fleek

    This is so cool!! Do you know the inches of the feathers?

  41. Ashley Taylor

    omgggggg yasssss can't wait to do mine, my colors are royal blue, yellow ad gold <3

  42. Adriana Fleming

    Immediately subscribed!

  43. jeh luka

    Que linda!!!!! Beautiful

  44. Neena & Nique

    i really love this♥

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