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For more FashionTV anytime & anywhere, click here: Itunes: Google Play: DIVAS OF THE RIO CARNIVAL 2008 PT1.

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13 thoughts on “DIVAS OF THE RIO CARNIVAL 2008 PT1

  1. B L Yadav

    blue picture

  2. dafodilist

    Beautiful a laydis anda the fantastic flots and costumes, but seriously, like to go there one day.

  3. Tony A

    Just got back from New Orleans, where I saw the Easter parade, the diva of which was Chris Owens who's about 114 and had so many face lifts she's using her butt cheeks for shoulder pads…lucky bastard Brazilians…

  4. abdulaziz kassim


  5. T Saraceni

    Lol in hell you can be naked you won't need any cloths. it will be great. lol

  6. T Saraceni

    Thay need some cover up. or just go,naked. but not half naked. what kind of sin city is this place. do guys do the same dress coat.

  7. sulaiman Velliyoor

    beuttifull dance

  8. Serge Baron

    wonderful drums beat.

  9. Sanyasirao Senapathi

    Nice boobs. …carnival dancers

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