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Carnival Rio de Janeiro Stunning Parade!

It’s Carnival! takes you to “the greatest show on Earth” at the Sambadrome of Rio de Janeiro to watch the Samba parade. The best Samba …

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29 thoughts on “Carnival Rio de Janeiro Stunning Parade!

  1. Ice Alice

    0:45 No me da confianza.

  2. TCFail

    This video was used for our project

  3. Lorna Gowans

    this video was used for our project

  4. The Ultimate Cam

    I love carnivals ive been lerning about them in:Corringham school

  5. Déo Teixeira

    It is not samba!

  6. PreferredTea Esf

    Brasil 🎵

  7. Peter Morin

    2:13 Is she naked?

  8. Luca Tancredi

    troppo elaborata e stucchevole, un ritorno alla semplicita' pleaseeee

  9. Ray of Sunshine

    Very nice.

  10. Jolly Butterworth

    Wow! That country is so awesome! And they don't eat animals! (Testing).

  11. Mohammad Salman Sanayon

    What is the title of this song???

  12. WillieB2100

    Why Rio Carnival have to be the same days as Trin-bago Carnival? This is awesome, yall…thanks for sharing, peace.

  13. yuri pincinato

    I'm Brazilian !!!

  14. Kim Ednalino

    Hi! May we use a part of this footage for our school event which has a theme of festivals? 😀

  15. millertas

    Going to Rio in February to see the 2015 parade CAN'T WAIT!!!

  16. iheartulikealovesonng baby

    wow so amazing and beautiful.

  17. Ben Wise-Fowler

    I was at Carnaval in Rio this year; absolutely amazing – this video gives me goosebumps (and makes me want to go back next year!)

  18. Satang SjunioR

    drums it's amazing!!!

  19. mrizo1991

    is it expensive to be in Rio during carnaval?

  20. Chad Tep

    @zuiland, you have to be one irritable SOB. lol

  21. kingcorville

    good stuff 🙂


    ***** *****

  23. Kevin Nickels

    Those drums are a tradition in Brazilian culture. You can't have a true Brazilian carnival without them!

  24. zuiland

    Why are these annoying drums doing in the background of this video? They totally ruined the original music! That's awful!

  25. Kirstin Levy

    God…..its so amazing. Anyone who is thinking about going…….do it!

  26. Anna Z

    Omg! I so wana go and experience it!!!

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