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Carnival Rio de Janeiro – Behind the Scenes – Part 2

Brasil Carnival 2014 behind the scenes. Blocos, Sambodromo, Parties and everything in between – MUSIC: 2014 Samba School …

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6 thoughts on “Carnival Rio de Janeiro – Behind the Scenes – Part 2

  1. Frank Cohen

    Great video

  2. Matheus Castelo

    Carnaval , eu vou o/

  3. TheChiefpmt

    Nice presentation. Been to Rio but, not Carnival

  4. Ítalo Martins

    Arrasou no Carnaval aqui. VOLTA, COMEBACK! HAHAHA

  5. GladWinn3r

    Nice video!
    I want to go to 2016 Carnival, would love to be INSIDE a parade, looks like you had a sick time.

  6. Za Qa

    omg wow that is amaazing. CAN WE TALK? – i wanna go to brazilo next year and participate int he carnaval as a british eprson.

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