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Carnival Rio de Janeiro – Behind the Scenes – Part 1

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is an experience like nothing else I’ve ever been a part of. For seven days straight I partied at blocos, went to concerts and enjoyed …

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16 thoughts on “Carnival Rio de Janeiro – Behind the Scenes – Part 1

  1. Rejane Rodrigues Jane

    Carnaval 2017 chegando

  2. Owen Ter

    Hey Gareth, thanks a lot for these behind the scenes video. Just what I've been looking for. Do you feel safe taking out your camera/smartphone at the bloco parties?

  3. Andre Santos

    thank you ….brasil

  4. md nasim live

    bro=witch date & month largest people rush on ipanema beach
    i from india . plz tell me . abought ipanema beach more infomation plz plz plz

  5. CariocaGuia

    Nice video!!! You had a great time at carnival. It is an unique experience, isn't it?
    I just started a channel about Rio, you might want to go there check out 🙂

  6. Eliana vautier

    brasil amada carnaval lindo tudo que eu amo

  7. اني حسين من عراق. هذ رقني على واتس اب 07728754066 ه


  8. Dayane silva

    Mil vezes BRASIL.!!!!❤❤❤

  9. Victoria

    you are beautiful 8)

  10. Mark Amantine

    Nice video

  11. Jaqueline Felix

    Voce e muito bom em serviço rapaz viva viva viva viva meu BRASIL lindo amo meu pai sou do estado de SAO PAULO

  12. signevent

    Is not just the music, but the vibe involved!  The people are always happy, the beachs are beautiful! But the dance is so funny!

  13. Renato Ará

    Very good this video !

  14. Emily Araujo

    Good movie about the carnival in Brazil! Which camera did you use?

  15. marciagroh

    Thank you Gareth for bring me a HUGE smile on my face. I live in Germany and it is so nice to see that even when my Country has so many Problems, People like you still can say that Brazil is cool and People can have a good time. Thank you for posting and come back again….We love partying and great People like YOU.

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