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Carnival Rio Brazil HOT Queens of Samba [Full HD]

Rainha de bateria Carnaval Rio Brasil Brazil Carnival Musas Mulatas Rainhas do Sambódromo, Rio Carnaval – Rio de Janeiro. Brazil Queens of Samba.

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5 thoughts on “Carnival Rio Brazil HOT Queens of Samba [Full HD]

  1. Z. Santana

    Haters will be haters. Usually is a guy who neve travels abroad who will come up with something negative about a country he never set his Fuck###. foot. Tourists from all over the world visiting Brazil, always return for second trips. You will never hear them talking about catching AIDS or others disease. It is always somebody, who maybe doesn't even has a passport, who ends up talking bullsh*t .

  2. владимир шохин

    У меня бы на этом карнавале яйца давно взорвались бы!!!!!! 🙂

  3. Polo Rican

    Rio De Janeiro is the Best Place to get AIDS in the World if I had to get Aids I would choose Rio

  4. Fábio Pires

    ai vem os gringros , usam e abusam dos br's e metem o pé.

  5. jrmyrbrts85

    it really is this is the first time i tried

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