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Carnival queens out in force for west Cumbrian parade

There was a carnival atmosphere in Dearham as scores of people turned out for the village’s annual parade.

Youngsters, dressed as characters from the hit Disney film Tangled, were joined by children on a young farm yackers float, with others dressed as giant fidget spinners.

Also riding along was carnival queen Rebecca Oglanby, with her ladies in waiting Katie Farley and Sophie Oglanby. Meanwhile, on the Dearham Ivy Queen float was Georgia Tomlinson, while Scarlett Mayne took on the role of Dearham Fairy Queen.

“It’s something that we’ve done for years now,” organiser Marie Oglanby told the News & Star. “It’s something that’s always been part of the village and brings everybody out.

“We set off from Maryport Road and were led by a band.

“We had four floats in total, including ones from Dearham School and Workington Academy. There was a crowning ceremony as well and it finished at a fairground with teacup rides.”

Despite windy weather meaning that a plans for a bouncy castle were abandoned, Marie said that everyone who attended enjoyed the day.

“It always brings a lot of people out,” she said. “There’s carnivals in other towns and villages that are gradually dying out and this is something that we just want to keep going.

“The children always seem keen to enter it and it brings everyone together.”


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