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Carnival Makeup Tutorial

Carnival Makeup Tutorial! A perfect tutorial to get your face ready for some fun! This footage is from Toronto’s Caribana. Enjoy! Have you ever wanted to play …

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39 thoughts on “Carnival Makeup Tutorial

  1. Precious Jewel

    Love the video! Ending was hilarious.

  2. Daphny Lesihla neeDuma

    I have never seen such craziness in my life… you messed up my make up girl…Hahahahaaaaa

  3. Daphny Lesihla neeDuma

    Ohhh lawd is such a pleasure to watch you…..Hahahaaaaa….

  4. Gemini Queen

    hehehehe 😁😁😁😁😁

  5. Whatbettywore



    Can I come

  7. Jan Corleone

    ahhh!! I see the St. Vincent flag at the beginning. Love the make up.. I'm always struggling at carnival time with these looks.

  8. Nicholette Smith

    Ture we. Have no shame

  9. spiceness

    ok the end was hilarious!!!

  10. Gwendolyn Clinton

    The end had me in tears 😭😭😭😭, your funny !!!

  11. Carina Marques

    so beautiful! loved it!

  12. FaceByTraceMUA

    lmbo your hilarious

  13. Shamar Forde

    You have the whine and Trini accent down! lol That whine surprised me, you go Maya!!

  14. lol 4real

    love love love that tutorial

  15. Elizabeth Gaming Productions


  16. Buck

    I cannot but peep mi flag deh in the corner nuh. Gt to the world.

  17. Sabrina sariyah Soto Phelps

    I love you guys.

  18. obeyy_ Babz

    Amazing you looked so beautiful I laughed so hard I enjoyed the video so much

  19. keisha mangham

    where u got your carnival outfit from

  20. Victress Smith

    you are so crazy! 🙂 great tutorial!

  21. Da'Naisa Love

    Love this !!!

  22. Devin Christopher

    LOVE IT!

  23. Seron Antoine

    You should go to Trinidad…

  24. Autumn Davis

    I really plan on going to caribana Toronto This summer but it's just really confusing how to get tickets and planning! I want to wear the crazy outfits it looks so fun

  25. chelsea sooknanan

    You killing the accent 😂🙌🏽 YASSS MAYA YASS !! #Trini

  26. Missy G

    What a beautiful face!

  27. Toriea McCauseland

    Hey Caribbean gurl,
    Where did you get your costume gorgeous?

  28. Soleil DeJoi

    Hey are you joining this year? My friends and I will be joining Saldenah for the first time this year! Im nervous about how the costumes will fit lol

  29. Sweettrinighal Allday


  30. Shaine Lizeth

    Absolutely LOVE this video Maya! You really showed how us Caribbean people party and whine up in pure madness at Carnival! Yes its Bachannal Time! You ROCKED that Carnival costume and looked beautiful from head to toe! #DoYouBoo  #BeShameless

  31. Zahria Franklin

    I do carnival in Atlanta and I also make costume

  32. KurlyKay18

    I literally died at the end lmbo!! But anyways loved rhe outfit and the makeup! i need to go to a carnival so I recreate this look I just love all the colors 🙂

  33. Lesley-Anne Charlerie

    Yeah gyul yuh need to come Trinidad Carnival fun real! 

  34. Koffee Brown

    Lmaooooo! Ur too funny! Love this Vid! Proud Trini! De Road is Meh Lova!

  35. karinalovesangel

    Gal! You should be past millions. Love dem videos!!!

  36. tiff

    I trying to go join Caribana this year in Aug!!  Im scared because it's my first time out the country alone… I want to bring someone but… I don't like to be held up. Im a person that just go!

  37. Bainer nation

    youre just drop dead gorgeous XD 

  38. Kenton & Habiba

    your too funny! You brighten up my day! Hello from North Carolina

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