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Carnival kicks off in Brazil The sound of samba permeates the air, as dancing fills the Sambodrome. The annual carnival in Rio de Janeiro takes place over 5 …

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4 thoughts on “Carnival kicks off in Brazil

  1. Chris RoadWarrior

    I can gladly take you to:
    and drop you off at your favorite REDNECK bar if you want to, but just for your own sake, unless you have police protection, bodyguards or diplomatic immunity, try not to bring european "superiority" into THAT part of the world. Like those 3 idiots in Top Gear.
    Canada (except Quebec) & USA have ZERO in common with today's EU, never ever forget THAT.

  2. Chris RoadWarrior

    "to lazy"
    Learn some English, you say too lazy, capisce?
    And don't worry, I know ALL about European mindset, I'm on Euronews for the comments ONLY, only a mentally retarded would ever watch their crappy 30-sec videos.
    That's redneck for you, right?
    Anytime I reply to a comment: a) that comment MUST be a liberal left-wing one b) I know ALL about the mindset of that user, so easy to profile a person by his/her own words.
    Left-wing liberals are my ONLY target in my comments.

  3. Chris RoadWarrior

    What's a redneck for YOU?

  4. Chris RoadWarrior

    Why this stuff is called Carnival but other stuff is called Gay Pride?
    Why this one is not called Brazilian Pride OR the other one Gay Carnival?
    Why the word "pride" is used only when it comes to homosexual ppl?
    Aren't other ppl of different races or religions or cultures proud of themselves as well?
    Just some food for thought.

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