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Carnival in Brazil: Salgueiro (Narrated in English) Part 1 of 2

Samba School: Salgueiro – February, 2005. Part 1 of 2. The Grand Champion of the 2009 Parade. It is a truly elitist school that draws in celebrities on name …

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9 thoughts on “Carnival in Brazil: Salgueiro (Narrated in English) Part 1 of 2

  1. Igor Fernandes Lopes

    Salgueira and Mangueira are Samba Schools!! In fact, the parade is a competition with 12 schools( 6 on sunday and 6 on monday). On Wednesday, we have the announce of the winner!!

  2. Rogue artist

    this is the most beautiful festival ever 😀

  3. Clarinha Potter

    Eu queria tanto ter ido ver o vulcao do Salgueiro…eu soh fui na Segunda Feira e eles desfilaram no domingo….=/

    Mas mesmo assim,liindo d+ esse abre alas! *–*

  4. rogerpenna

    Beija Flor: Flower Kisser, its the portuguese word for Humming Bird

    Unidos da Grande Rio: Great Rio United

    Porto da Pedra: Stone Port

    Mocidade Independente: Independant Youthful.

    Unidos da Vila Isabel: Isabel Village United (village Isabel being a neighborhood named after Princess Isabel, daughter of Emperor Dom Pedro II, she was the main responsible for freeing african slaves in the 19th century)

    etc, etc

  5. rogerpenna


    usually, the names are in references to locations in Rio (as far as I know).

    Salgueira and Mangueira, incidentally, are the portuguese names of two trees. Salgueiro means Willow Tree. Mangueira is a Mango Tree. Salgueira Samba School comes from the Morro do Salgueiro (Willow Tree Hill) and Mangueira from the Morro da Mangueira (Mango Tree Hill).

    Unidos da Tijuca: Tijuca United (Tijuca is a region of Rio and is a word of indian origin which I dont know what means)

  6. Luis Cartolin

    What does it mean Salgueiro, mangueira.. etc..? are they bands? Thanks!!

  7. Luis Cartolin

    Good work..!!!!

  8. sologustavo capo

    buenisimo y espectacular

  9. leonidas piresbr

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