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Carnival in Brazil: Grande Rio (Narrated in English) Part 1 of 2

Samba School: Grande Rio – February, 2005. Part 1 of 2. Grande Rio is one of the newest schools, however currently one of the most successful members of the …

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14 thoughts on “Carnival in Brazil: Grande Rio (Narrated in English) Part 1 of 2

  1. bomjam 2

    As Brasileiras sao tao lindas e sexy!!!

  2. Leo Luiz

    happy… very good carnival of brazil… i love brazil

  3. ana luz

    wow so nice I love carnival of Brazil

  4. the red pill

    shake dem titties

  5. laura pruitt

    I winder how did Carnival originate and why?

  6. laura pruitt

    Im coming to this motha fucka and have a ball!

  7. Palomablanca2008

    Great video, one of the best !!

  8. Kathryn Bejma

    COOL I LOVE IT . i am in grade 2 and we are studying  BRAIZL.i love brazil [][][][][]
                                                                                                                   . . . . .    

  9. Joelma Lucena

    Grande a Grande Rio <3

  10. Raven Williams

    I Love RIO DE JANEIRO hehe 😀
    Wish I can go there…

  11. Clarinha Potter

    Viva a Grande Rio!


  12. leonidas piresbr

    Very good presentation. Clears and corrects comments from the video narrator.

  13. Helena Wieschermann

    Very Nice!
    I LOVE RIO!!!

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