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Carnival celebrations begin in Brazil

Celebrations for Brazil’s world-famous Carnival have started in Rio de Janeiro. Six million people are expected on the streets for the world famous Mardi Gras …

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10 thoughts on “Carnival celebrations begin in Brazil

  1. Adriana Lima

    If u live for u whole life in Brazil, u gonna hate.

  2. Terramater1

    No halfnaked girls for the Al Jazeera spectators, ha????? 🙂

  3. ggcd

    The reason some Brazillians don't like Carnaval is because we've been going for our entire lives,and since 90% of the people is drunk dancing on the streets there are no options to do anything else but that .A lot of restaurants and Movie theaters close for Carnaval,the ones that do open have huge lines, everything we have on TV is about carnaval.So if you went all your life and you feel like doing something else this time, you're screwed 🙁

  4. miguel nunez

    Thanks for not saying Hola lol

  5. iluminatiytu

    I would like to go just once!

  6. nognilk

    Can't wait till 2016

  7. Tatiana Miranda

    I'm Brazilian too and I'm not a Carnival fan as well, but we have to admit that it is a lot of fun!!! The images tell this!

  8. CelestialSweet

    why? It looks like a lot of fun : )

  9. Atendimento MGH

    I am from Brazil and I hate Carnival.

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