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Carnival Brazil Sao Paulo 2013 Anhembi 1080p HD Canon 5D Mark II

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33 thoughts on “Carnival Brazil Sao Paulo 2013 Anhembi 1080p HD Canon 5D Mark II

  1. bigbangnone

    Party in Brazil ???   There are about 60 murders every weekend in Brazil !!!

    The politicians in brazil are so corrupt that a major class war is raging.  I'm going to provide to you the infrastructure that has to be put in place to stop the murders and corruption:

    1) Entrepreneurs (Investors) are needed to:

    a. Invest in inexpensive higher education opportunities for all.

    b. Create  new business that allows those who are educating themselves to have opportunity to help build new business.

    2)  Remove the political corruption –  the drug cartels hold on (politicians, police, and courts, and threat on neighborhoods).  We need to finance the task forces that will remove the cartels and maintain security.

    3) Remove corruption from the judicial and policing systems which are currently supporting the drug cartels and politicians.

    4) Create laws to tax the very rich – such that they will help with the new infrastructure.

    5) When the drug task force sweeps through Brazils cartels – Any multimillionaires convicted of associating with drug cartels in any way will forfeit 75% of their wealth to support the new infrastructure of education and new businesses.

  2. Джони Джанкой

    Во это карнавал !!

  3. Mahtlahtli

    How do Brazilians view the other Latin American countries? For example, Americans in general view Pakistan as a barbaric state. How do Brazilians see Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru Uruguay, Cuba and Mexico?

  4. Γιωργος Παρδαλος


  5. richard ramfire

    Nice costumes. Seems kind of boring though compared to trinidad carnival

  6. Prashanta Kumar Chatterjee


  7. Emitra Chandipur


  8. Sanjeetkumar Sanjeetkumar


  9. Sanjeetkumar Sanjeetkumar


  10. juvencio camacho sanchez

    Se mueven bien chido saludos desde México

  11. Nesim Yaşa

    Çok güzel kadınları sıkılıyor

  12. Ana Rangel

    This is just one of a thousand reasons for have shame to be brazilian !
    Fk shit!!

  13. caprikay

    minuto 09:20 jijiijijjiji el esta feliz!!!!

  14. caprikay

    imagino que muchos ya esban cansados y se movian poco, pero me llamo la atención los chicos que hacien el aseo y limpieza uno de ellos bailaba….que importante esa labor que nadie más quiere hacer, sin embargo ellos con mucha alegria también hacen y realizan esa tarea 🙂 🙂 🙂 saludos desde Chile 😉

  15. Iatecatzilla :3

    That wus horiball

  16. Danny Bravo

    Si así hubiese sido la inauguración del mundial

  17. Domingo Cardozo

    Esta. Chido

  18. River Cartier

    this is so stupid who would watch this. its so boring

  19. DM MD

    Can these women not be embarrassed to go out like that?

  20. EDRPOS

    If this is what carnival is there…I will bored…smh

  21. jonatan2491

    Esta música me agradó, alguien conoce el nombre de las canciones?  

  22. Chetan

    where's the naked bitch from the thumbnail???

  23. Maslah Suge

    i was in sao paulo 2014 brasilian carnival festives.. man i was like wow, brasil is so beautifull and this kind of fesvives is so amasing.. too many booties all around the city..

  24. farhat kainazarov

    do they need to execute exotic birds for their feathers for requisites?

  25. Blackhawk6699

    always a perty

  26. wellington duran


  27. Sammy JS

    Brasil Brasil Brasil just beutifoul,,those who write shit they just dont know how to move whit the Zamba 

  28. Marcelo MP

    Our best handcaps, Hookers, corruption and cocaine…. welcome to real brazil…

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