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Carnival Brazil 2016, View From Camarote Azul…Amazing View of Salvador Carnival!

Salvador Carnival is “The World’s Largest Party”. No other popular party in the world is more famous than Salvador Carnival in Bahia Brazil. It is an explosion of …

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24 thoughts on “Carnival Brazil 2016, View From Camarote Azul…Amazing View of Salvador Carnival!

  1. Ilovelasvegas Nevada

    the who, last day what?

  2. Danilo Santos

    EN: That craze you foreigners think that Brazil has only revolves around Rio de Janeiro, as well for your information, these images is Carnival in Salvador-Bahia!
    PT: Que mania que vocês estrangeiros tem achando que o Brasil só gira em torno do Rio de Janeiro, pois bem para sua informação , essas imagens é do carnaval de Salvador- Bahia !

  3. joao moreira

    its salvador but i prefer Rio street carnival.

  4. Sarai Lockett

    I must see Carnaval in Salvador someday….the best in the entire world

  5. iracema silva

    Sorry, when I read all your news that you spoke of the carnival of Salvador had already posted my comment.

  6. iracema silva

    This video is not the Carnival of Rio, but the Carnival SALVADOR-BAHIA.

  7. lety rojas

    el video se subio en 2009, pero no importa todos los carnavales son exactamente iguales 🙂

  8. Kjell Christensen

    @WaterDamageService Nós amamos o Brasil 😉 estou uma intercâmbista no São Paulo. 😉 Sou dos estados unidos!! (We love brazil 😉 I'm an exchange student in São Paulo from the united states).

  9. Alan Timms

    The most exciting place on earth … can't wait to go back again

  10. N Montana

    @KENKRAFT400… didn't mention 2011, I was there this year.

  11. Fammiscrivere

    sono appena tornato! mi sono fatto un mese e mezzo in brasile tra rio e vitòria! la vita in brasile mi ha trasmesso una allegria e un calore umano mai provato! ci vorrebbe veramente qua da noi un poi di brio brasileiro per vivere più serenamente!! spero in un futuro di andare a vivere là! w o brazil

  12. CSAND2010

    i so wanna be there!!!

  13. N Montana

    This is carnaval in Salvador, Bahia- NOT Rio…

  14. romeoalfanta

    Eu amo o BRAZIL !

  15. João Oliveira

    It"is Salvador Bahia Brazil!

  16. Jack .Fleur

    similar to Haiti's carnaval!!!!

  17. Marcus PW

    @acdcgranada Rio De Janeiro have great hotels just search on google rio de janeiro hotels.

  18. knockout77

    all i see is a bunch of ants

  19. acdcgranada

    I want to come next year can anybody recommend a nice hotel on a good place : )

  20. FuShengAlex

    I was IN THIS!!!…..This was Psirico/Dog Murras singing in Alo Inter bloco. I like this bloco….very cheap so many people can afford to join. Only 50 reais. What a blast, I was getting thrown all over the street,lol.

  21. FuShengAlex

    How was it this year? I WILL be back next year…..I love "O melhor carnaval do Mundo"! Well I love everything…..except the "brigas",lol.

  22. RinnyRin69

    I must see carnival before I die 🙁

  23. madeinbrazilchick

    I was there..:D

  24. leopxt1974

    The creatos of what? Carnaval? Samba? Rio de Janeiro? Acorda pra vida, burro do caralho…

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