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Carnival 2017 – Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Highlights of my trip to Rio for Carnival (21st Feb – 1st March 2017). An behind the scenes look into what I eat on holiday, how I continue to train and maintain my …

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27 thoughts on “Carnival 2017 – Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

  1. Johan Håård

    You can party, train and have fun in Brazil.
    But your ass is still owned by a Swedish girl,.. 1 – 0 to Sweden!!
    Very entertaining video, Nice job!

  2. the Revolution

    26>27 is not that young my friend..

  3. Gabriela Lieb

    Un Pais que me gustaría visitar. I love your video. Very nice. 🙂

  4. Silva Laura

    Oh, I live in Brazil. I think you like my country.

  5. fredgarcia18

    Woooow I want to go there so bad!


    Pena que não tem legenda

  7. Roger Fernandes

    Walking in Rio de Janeiro with a phone in your hand filming, is asking for trouble. You were some lucky guys!

  8. enkii82

    Do you drink alcohol(beer,wine, etc) at all? if so, how frequent?

  9. Frank Underwood

    the girl in the pic at 15:25 , on the far right, is Sienna Day, search her up, she's pretty damn good

  10. KiNG Yashii

    I thought I was going crazy, kept pausing the vid around 9-11 min mark, thinking why my music is playing in the background when I got no other tabs open, then realised you actually put in Belly Squad and J HUS lool. I rate that, you got good music taste

  11. Mav Eric

    Awesum editing – I'm blown away how good this is! Great mix of travel and training tips, I'm just sorry you had to 'endure' 5 days of partying to deliver this vid to us 😜

  12. David Miller

    Brazil >>> World

  13. Chris Gill

    Nice vid bro, subscribed

  14. Udit Raj Singh


  15. Matt Petreca

    Good to see u enjoyed down here bro! On top of that u picked perfect timing to visit too!!!

  16. Sergio V

    You should come to Perú. Visiting Machu Picchu is a great leg workout… :

  17. tims67

    Good bumping into you in Rio! Hope you had fun.

  18. Dax Smith

    Hi Mike, I don't work 9-5, I work 1pm to 9 pm. Would be interested on hearing your ideas on how to make the best of my workout time as well as diet planning. I just saw another viewer had a similar request. Thanks.

  19. CaveTrollsSuck

    lmao "we've got the tween peaks out"

  20. INTEGRE8T Wellness

    I'm glad you enjoyed it. I went last year, and it was the worst travel experience of my life to date.

  21. Evade :]

    omg whats going on here, i subbed him, when he had 19k subs and now he got 119k (almost) lol, cool thing bro keep doing
    i wish you could do some back videos or shoulders 😀

  22. Amauri Junior Haefliger


  23. T3STDAT

    Absolutely Sick Vlog! (Y)

  24. Matt Gilbert

    Mike, awesome vlog – Rio is definitely on the list for sure. Question for ya, do you find that when you stray a bit from your regular diet and training schedule that you find yourself feeling a bit guilty? Or are you able to enjoy the vacation for what it is and "forget" about the bodybuilding lifestyle for a bit? Sometimes I still struggle with that feeling of guilt if I miss a few days at the gym and eat some "crappy" foods…cheers man

  25. Terror

    as únicas parte q eu entendi do vídeo foi às músicas kkkkk

  26. jaddoaddo

    Hey Mike, I really appreciate your content, just wanted to know what model camera/lens you currently use for your videos?

  27. mugenjin205

    Hey mike can you explain bloating I feel like I eat right and work out but I feel like I get bloated quite often, thanks.

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