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Business owners want city council to move Dogwood carnival

Business owners expressed concerns over the carnival's location.Business owners expressed concerns over the carnival’s location.


A week after finding trash all over the downtown Quincy square, business owners took their complaints to the Quincy City Council Monday night.

Rodney Hart, of Second String Music, and Bret Austin of Austin Properties both expressed concerns about the location of the carnival for the Dogwood Festival. 

They told aldermen that closing down streets during the carnival has hurt local businesses, and trash left behind after this year’s event was unacceptable.

“It’s part of the Dogwood Festival. Good. It has its place. Move it north a couple of blocks.” Hart said, “Move it south a couple of blocks. Hey! Clat Adams Park, our vastly underutilized riverfront, that’d be a great place for it.”

However, Alderman Paul Havermale expressed concerns with the proposal to move the carnival.

“The city has helped the downtown get where they are, and now we’re going to limit what you can do with our streets.” Havermale said, “So I think we have to be incredibly sensitive to make sure we make this work for everybody involved.”

Austin also expressed a desire to create a planning tool that would help all agencies involved in planning events.


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